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Haven’t you added mobile marketing to your overall business promotional campaigns yet? If not, then better add as this is the right time to renew your digital marketing strategies with modern trends and gadgets available. With high growth rate of web-enabled smart devices, vendors put more concentration and efforts on this medium for marketing to communicate with potential consumers.

Marketers should switch to Smartphones; Whys and wherefores

Smartphones industry is growing and evolving immensely, and certainly it is all because of technological advancement.  Emergence of platforms, like Android and iOS has opened up new doors of digital marketing trends. Customers’ willingness is everything for marketers and therefore they need to formulate their marketing strategies accordingly. Clients shopping style, brand trust and cost perspective are the key factors which marketers need to address for engaging them smartphone marketing in way assuring the purchase.

People today are well aware of the fact that how useful the mobile phones can be in their routine lives. Still some people are out there, overlooking the smartphones that can be highly differentiating and appealing ingredient coupled with quite a competitive medium to pitch the idea to customers. Let’s convince them, why they should market the business through smartphones.

  1. People take mobile phones wherever they go.
  2. Communication over mobiles is preferable
  3. Messages get read instantly
  4. High consumers engagement rates
  5. Easy Internet access anywhere
  6. 3G & 4G networks make mobiles more than mere a telephonic device.
  7. Good media consumption rates
  8. Video marketing
  9. Cost effective
  10. People are more likely to read mobile messages than on other platforms.

Smartphone Owners Ratio:

Opportunities are unlimited today and smart phones are gaining popularity among the masses. As smartphone ownership is fueling up, meet up with your business prospects and customers’ needs/demands regardless where they present physically. Smartphones marketing is significantly important for building new-fangled experiences as this option is expanding greatly.

Smartphones adoption by people has increased exponentially in last few years and expected to be continued on a fast-paced trajectory in coming years. Presently, there exist about 1.75 billion smartphone users across the globe. Moreover, 90% of young people around the world have smartphones in use for 24/7 hours. This factor must be kept in mind for any of your marketing plan and execution.

Android and iOS owning market shares.

Mobile users are always in search of incredible platforms as well as the browsers. This is the point where Android phones fit to the best and offers you broad spectrum of applications so that you can execute your routine tasks feasibly and proficiently. Being an open source, Android makes the maximum of market shares and is the largest installed base of any mobile operating system. Android makes about 85% of the global smartphone market shares contrasting to almost 12% of the iOS sharing. Windows mobile phone is still a small fry of the top-rated mobile operating systems.

Story of Android vs. Apple will remain the same as people switch from one platform to the other according to their choice or business needs. Leading the market, Google’s Android is ruling out Apple to niche players and it may take over the industry if other brands will not bring good strategic improvements in their gadgets.


Digital marketing through smartphones is quite an undeniably an essential factor for any business. This presents vendors with numerous new opportunities of approaching and serving the customers. Well, this is only possible when consumers are ready for it.

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