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The social web is highly diversified and wide that can spread the word worth some concern and attention within seconds among thousands of people. Social media is not just a mean of communication and socializing, it’s a highly dynamic mean of promoting amazing offers that can easily go viral.

Social networks are fertilizers for online marketing, regardless of what marketers have to offer and who they offer it to, these social seeds make the roots of marketing tree deeply rooted and widely spread. So making an investment in such networks is fundamental for online marketers.

However making a selection of the best social media tools can be quite tricky. By listing the must have social media tools we make it easier for you to nominate the most imperative social network for your online business.


BuzzSumo gives an analysis of the content that performs well in a niche. It helps develop smarter content strategies. By giving an insight of trending highlights among the audience it intimates you about inside story of content marketing. Using BuzzSumo you can shape an idea of your own by getting a better understanding and identifying the leading blogs that are setting social footprints. Moreover, chase down the people who share and forward your content to others and get reviews.


Instagram is the new obsession for social animals that amass all the users and link them up. A place where everyone can share their stories whether it’s an individual with a private account, the official page of a brand, blogs or a public figure. Instagram gives you most immediate news feeds and lets you discover hot buzz.


Twitter is the most impactful source for microblogging that brings up all sort issues. By posting your ideas one can get a huge audience that can follow up and get appreciation. The best tool being used for online promotions and blogging right in the hand is twitter.

Start A Fire:

feel like getting the credit for all your hard-work? Start a fire is a platform for diffusing content by a blogger, online marketers, gigantic brands and other individuals. The content publisher and curator both get the appreciation they deserve. Get your hand on best contents with quick and easy to use a tool.


Animotos is a perfect tool for creating videos that can enable more creativity in your promotions that can perform well on Facebook and other social forums. Animoto’s has got fantastic templates, themes, and music that ornament your slideshow into a piece of creativity.


when running advertisements on social networks, Qwaya is your best companion with best tools and customer support. Make a striking impression on your audience by using Qwaya that allows using the feature of auto-splitting, getting side by side comparison, adding most effective text in line with an image, making all possible variations in one go, test ads and placements, automatic creation of campaign and much more.


Sumo is the most efficiently automated tool for increasing conversation rate; it helps you convert your visitors into loyal customers within seconds. The amazing features of this software include a pop-up that appears capturing all the emails, setting smart reminders, getting sign ups and building best first impression.


Oktopost is a measuring gauge for online marketers that can quantify the success of published content. It helps to inflate the social media marketing. It sets collaborations to empower the online marketing business.


Save your time with Grum by scheduling Instagram posts for upcoming days, simply upload images from your computer that will be posted automatically by grum on desired day and time. Putting hashtags and emojis makes it cool


Elevate is linked with other social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It can be employed to organize, share and measure the content that has been posted so far. By curating your content, forwarding it to employees and tracks your result.


A powerful and comprehensive pack for social media management along with dashboard. It possesses some exclusive features which are rare like,  handling multiple social media accounts, publishing and scheduling future posts, boosting publishing posts, discovering best content and feeds, one mail box and much more.


A super versatile tool for making video content, visualization consumes more time but with Venngage at disposal crafting visual content creatively becomes much easier. Having access to infographic tool makes it a piece of cake.


With a huge proliferation network, Quuu allows promoting video content through this tool. It is made sure that best quality content is passed on to the distribution through a real life check by a person who approves it. This ensures the quality of content is maintained.


Digging deeper into twitter analytics is what followerwonk do. Finding a new audience that can follow up, comparing social graphs to others and sharing your report that’s how followerwonk helps you.

If This Then That:

Streamline your social media with If This Then That (IFTT), that works with multiple social networks. It can automatically set the post for Twitter using hashtags as specified.


Edgar makes socializing smooth by sharing your content automatically ending up by driving more traffic. Even better it gets you new fans and saves up to 8 hours a week.


WordSwag is your portable graphic designer that can make your creative ideas, thoughtful quotes, or marketing content more meaningful by transforming it into very captivating graphics. Even more exciting is that this software allows you to share your graphic on popular social networks including Facebook and Instagram.


Get along with your live broadcast using Huzza that will let you set a weekly show with upto six guests at a time. Get to know your followers more by making real life interactions, screen sharing and much more. Stay tuned up by subscribing your favorite using Huzza.

Viral Content Buzz:

Now get the publicity of your articles and worthy content through Viral Content Buzz. It makes promoting your content easier than ever simply by forwarding it to main influencers who can put it on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Pinterest.


This social media tool is not just a way to publish on various accounts but a complete monitor that can help you detect your shared content. Get to know your industry, competition and trending content.

Facebook Messenger:

The Tmost convenient medium of making conversations today is facebook messenger. It has opened the gateway for customers to have direct conversations with companies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

locate the decision makers at companies, learn about their interests and requirements then convince them to buy your product. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator you are at the right place.


Brand24’s guides you keep a track on your brand by enabling you to spot your brand name on social media. This tool keeps you assisted by magnetizing the feedback from customers.


The hard-work of collecting messages and social mentions is managed by this social media friend. It can pile your messages at one place and allows you to work as a team.


Step into infinite horizons through snapchat that lets you discover what is happening in your social world. Try engaging with your customers by giving them inside glimpse of your company. This fosters a relationship between customer and marketers.


Become a storyteller using Evernote that endows you to translate your content in a form of interesting story that can get more than expected reviews.

Rival IQ:

Analyze what your competitors are up to through Rival IQ. Evaluator at your service that helps you compares the rating with your rival. Moreover, it intimates you about top trending content writings.

Click to Tweet:

Give your readers snappy access to your content with a single click on a box that will share your uploaded content on Twitter, mentions, blog, and hashtags. Even more get super speedy by attaching the links directly to your email through Click to Tweet generator.


Buffer makes managing multiple accounts easier by scheduling post for you, it allows you to send images and at to multiple accounts at the same time. The browser extension permits you to add content in no time.


Visual content is eye catching than non-visual content, as the demand for generating visual content is increasing so is the need to find software that can design it for you. Canva is designing tool that will cater you to create impressive visual designs even when you don’t know a thing about designing.


Socedo is a wide stream for exploring new dimensions and taking lead in existing one by extracting B2B intent data from Twitter. Use insights from intent databases in your work through integration of Socedo with markets.


Like other social media tools sendible does all those tasks for you but what discriminates it from others is the feature of Sendible that number of networks connected to Facebook, Google+,  Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more.


Bit.ly shortens and tracks the links for you. it measures the traffic flooding in by analyzing the success of your campaign. Calculate your marketing growth and monitor it on daily basis.


Boost your brand effectiveness through growth pup that rescues you from the stress of upgrading your brand on social media. Growthpup uses proven methods, increases your reach by expanding your brand market, and launches your brand on Instagram.

Fresh Web Explorer:

Just by using keywords fresh web explorer lets you chase recently updated mentions, seek new opportunities and construct the content strategy to get extensive links and shares.


Utilizing facebook for encircling your target audience will help you to introduce better content.  Indulge in your customer’s interests and behaviors to get a better understanding of their demands. Using facebook audience gives you an insight of your targeted audience.


Elevate your social media by customizing your visual content by designing animated posts and sharing them on your popular social web chains. Visualizing your content with this app will help your business to stand out among others.


Looking for a store room to save your content for later reading, then Pocket serves you best. Collect your articles, blogs, and videos for viewing it later. Save directly from your mail, browser or more than 1500 apps.

Post Planner:

Manage your social engagements through post planner with its amazing features. Stay updated with the high-quality contents, get publishing calendar to schedule your posts, automatically posts your content, get suggestions for status and manage your post effortlessly.


With LinkedIn view profiles of people in your circle, get to know about their job title, education, skills and much more. Get instant responses, customized messages and correlate the information gathered.

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