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In order to make your consumer buy your product you must get to the root of how exactly your customer makes the purchase decision and how exactly his brain responds to your offer. This is what we refer to as consumer behavior. Neuromarketing is how marketers make use of consumer psychology to generate sales. According to Advertised Mind, It is our subconscious mind that makes us take a decision of buying a product and not the conscious mind. It is therefore indispensible to use the power of consumer psychology to generate business for your company.

If You Confuse Them, You Can’t Convince Them:

Cognitive fluency is a basic human instinct that compels a human being to prefer what is more easy to understand for them. So, in a fight to knock out your competitors, marketers usually go overboard with content when designing offers and make it difficult for the consumer to understand what the offer is all about. Online shoppers are usually quicker in making decisions so they prefer offers that give them clear understanding instantly. So, always keep the offer and your language in accordance to your potential target customers’ understanding capacity.

Use The Apology Psychology:

Transparency is extremely crucial and it is advised to always admit and apologize for the accidental mistake or a flaw that arises in your service followed by an upgrade in your service to remove the flaw.  It is the easiest way to increase the credibility of your brand. If you highlight your strengths simultaneously then consumers are bound to buy them. Moreover, it strengthens customer relations and loyalty and dependability also comes along.

Reviews and Testimonials Go A Long Way:

This is exactly where innate characteristic of social validation comes into play. Our choice is strongly influenced by the opinion of others. If more people tend to use a certain product and show feelings of comfort, it automatically generates an impulse in a consumer’s mind that he should also use that product. Make sure that you ask your loyal customers for testimonials in exchange of an offer. The average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on their path to purchase.  This will significantly boost your sales within a short time span.

Use The Power Of Emotions:

Emotional appeals always have a long lasting and powerful effect. The anatomy of the brain suggests that any event that has an emotional significance to it tends to store in long term memory and hence stays in the mind of consumer for longer. Just like listening to an old favorite song enkindles your emotions. Moreover, this makes them think irrationally while making a purchase as emotions get involved and they easily forego the price factor and other details while making a purchase. The greatest benefit of exciting emotions while making an offer is that the emotions compel a person to take an action right away.

Time Limit And Scarcity:

The offer becomes irresistible when you put a time constraint with it. Decisions are usually taken faster under pressure and the time limit causes a pressure that makes the consumer take an instant action. It further causes a fear of missing out on an amazing offer and that drives the consumer to make a purchase to not suffer from the consequences of not availing the offer in time.

Once you fathom the way a consumer’s mind works, it becomes as easy as a pie to get the money out of their pockets and generate sales which is the ultimate goal that you wanted to reach.

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