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With the passage of time, tech world is getting a lot more advanced than the olden times. When on one hand this advancement is benefitting the masses, on the other hand it brings with it a whole lot of insecurities and privacy issues. SGP Technologies, a Spanish startup, is a blend of the expertise of finest minds of ‘Silent Circle’, anti NSA encryption powerhouse, and a tech company ‘Geeksphone’. Both of these firms joined their hands together to devise a solution of the privacy issues generated by the rise and advancement of technology.

Whole tech world was left enthralled when SGP Technologies Company launched the safest mobile phone on this planet earth back in June, 2014. ‘Blackphone’ is a security based Smartphone build especially, to help the masses, to put up a fight against privacy invasion. It has begun shipping all around the globe and the opening stock has already been sold out. I am sure you can well imagine its popularity and the overwhelming response it got from the public.

If you are running a business, be it a small business or a medium sized business, and are looking for one of its kind device that can help protect your data to the fullest; Blackphone is best choice for you then.

“It is an unparallel product ideal for the information workers, public figures, executives, and anyone who is unwilling to give up their privacy.”, according to SGP Technologies.

The core idea behind the invention of this master piece popped in the tech minds of SGP Technologies when in May 2013 Edward Snowden, a former American security agent, disclosed the global NSA surveillance.

The company’s website insists the masses, even more, to get hold of this wonderful product. As per the website:

“Your phone should be yours. Reclaim the power of choice. Now, only you decide what to share, what to communicate, and what to keep entirely to yourself.”

This killing phone uses approved encryption technologies. Basically it allows the users to send in encrypted text messages, make encrypted phone calls; as well as permits unidentified or anonymous browsing through the web. Hence, protecting the users against all kinds of spying. In addition to this, the fantabulous Blackphone gives the users complete charge over which wireless services the phone gets connected to. Moreover, it prevents the users’ wireless connection record, location of the users as well as their tour patterns; from getting publicized.

At first glance, it seems like any other standardized Android phone; but deep inside it has got a magic that other phones do not know about. It has a 4.7″ inch HD IPS display and a 8 megapixel rear camera along with 5 megapixel front camera. A Quad-core 2GHz processor is used and the battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh. Moreover, a 2 GB RAM is used with an internal storage capacity of 16 GB.

The most exciting fact about this incredibly good Blackphone is that it is one of the first devices based on Nvidia’s Tegra 4i. Yes, a 2GHz Nvidia Tegra 4i quad-core chip is the main ingredient used in the secret recipe of Blackphone. It costs $629 or $630 to be precise.

It will run a custom built Android operating system known as, PrivOS. It gives full control over app permissions as in; the apps permit privacy. Basically, what happens is that, the OS closes all hidden doors which are usually left open in key mobile operating systems. In addition, there is an  anonymous search option available which would keep the trackers far away from your phone and will make the internet traffic anonymous. Along with it, it permits the users to disable Wi-Fi other than the trusted hotspots and disconnect VPN. Every individual’s phone will receive security updates, on regular basis, directly from the Blackphone, claims the manufactures.

Even though the specs are not that much impressive, still its demand has not been affected by this downside rather, this wonderful phone got such a good response that it became quite difficult for the producers to keep up with the demand of the masses. Moreover, the company still has to lift the curtains on the development program and to show the world that how the master minds behind this amazing device have built it up.

This brand new security minded Blackphone is simply inimitable and puts the privacy directly in the hands of its users. Hence, allows the users to choose their privacy level as per their need and desires. The killer of your privacy invasion is out in the stores, so hurry up and grab it to get a hands-on experience.