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Twitter Marketing Strategy


Twitter is a social networking website that lets a user create and share information with millions of people across the world within seconds.  It is known to be a finest medium to connect with people and share your thoughts with them. Tweets with a limit of 140 characters have created quite a stir in the business world as well. According to the Bible of social media marketing, not having your business on twitter is going to cost you much more than you think.

Why Twitter Marketing?

For marketing and brand awareness, it is crucial for a business to have your brand’s presence on Twitter in order to connect with the customers and strengthen image of your brand. It doesn’t matter whether you have a startup or an established brand; your business is going to suffer immensely, if you are not making use of Twitter for your brand awareness. Within a span of eight years, the San Francisco based social networking website touched 271 million active user base. According to Alexa traffic rank, Twitter is the 8th   most used website of 2014.While France is talking about money transfer via twitter, what reason do you have to not get started with twitter marketing? One of the most convincing reasons to use twitter for marketing your brand is: well, it’s totally free!

Get Started With Twitter:

Get started with the widely used social media tool by following meek and easy tips and tricks:

  • Establish a clear organizational goal or a purpose behind using twitter.
  • Identify and target the right segment and connect with them.
  • Humanize your brand by engaging with customers.
  • Establish your credibility by getting a verified account on twitter.
  • Measure your performance by using analytics.
  • Make use of twitter ads and grow your business even more
  • Do not stay inactive for longer time on Twitter
  • Do not tweet so much that it gets irritating and people start un following you
  • Follow latest trends on twitter and stay updated
  • Use images instead of writing as tweets that have images get 18% more clicks
  • Make the best use of twitter #hashtags to enjoy best results

The Perks Of Using Twitter Rightly:

The right and smart use of twitter rather than more use of Twitter can surely give your brand increased popularity and awareness along with the increased number of followers. Consider the example of Zappos that has the twitter page managed by none other than the CEO himself. Starbucks, Coke, Southwest Airlines, Hertz and many others have dedicated themselves to make the best use out of twitter and reaped the best benefits therefore. If you are wondering how bigger an impact can using Twitter for marketing cause, let me quote the example of dell that enjoyed 6.5 million increase in sales according to Mashable. So, the appropriate use of all social media networks along with Twitter when tailoring a digital marketing strategy can ensure success in the long term. Get started and let the world know what you are!