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Track your business growth online

Business and Revenues are just like diehard brethren with inbound marketing metrics as their foundation of success. Be Alert!

Inbound Marketing -The Roadmap to Revenue:

Inbound marketing links to unpaid, all the free traffic sources wherein digital marketing tactics are incorporated for traffic generation and converting leads to decisive deals through your website. Here comes the job of blogging, email marketing, content management, digital brochures, social media, and SEO etc. Though digital marketing is considerably descriptor for particular deliverables within the entire marketing strategy but inbound marketing metrics is what helps you in tracking your business growth online. Even after engaging suitable methodologies and tactics, the marketers vigilantly need to drive new potential leads and revenue towards the company in any way possible. Key elements of any inbound marketing disposition include lead generation, lead conversion, and the marketing analysis. It works in three steps:

  • Gathering and storing the most reliable data connecting leads to your business outcomes.
  • Creating the bench marks for interpretation of the data collected in relevant context.
  • Building the model allowing you to accurately evaluate the impact of market trends and changes across the groups.

Once you become successful in putting them all into actual perspective, you will get fairly good idea about the driving results and accordingly you can maximize your business value and revenue as well.

True Opportunities or Threats Haunting your Business:

Inbound Marketing Analysis are the metrics giving you an insight into real value of your landing pages and the blog posts you are creating together with leads as well as the campaigns run. To avoid being part of any average package in the marketplace, you need to bring your landing pages into the good ones catalogue. Make your blog postings worth the time plus money and if it’s not being read as per your requirement, then what’s the use?

Keep your business progress evaluation up to the minute. Market can become harsh on you anytime, so be vigilant of whatever is happening to your online presence. For better, improved and consistent marketing upshots, online tracking of your business is essentially required. Hang onto regular following of marketing metrics for your business.

Focal Inbound Marketing Metrics:

  1. Referral Traffic

Tracking of total number of users visiting your website from external sources is far more significant. Being more specific than overall traffic (paid, social and organic traffic), the referral traffic on your site is more valuable metric to be recognized. Anyone coming to visit your website from any external source is essentially the result of backlinks. The data acquired is then utilized for evaluating your marketing efforts and also to make further beneficial marketing plans.

  Sources of referral traffic could be:

  • Someone talking about you on posts/forums linked to your website
  • A blog post reviewing any of your offered business products/services
  • As guest blogger, you have linked your site in your biography
  1. Social Traffic

This metric marks the arrival of visitors at your site through social media feeds. Today’s most popular social media channels are Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds etc. Not only these popular platforms, but the niche specific sites and many other smaller channels can send social traffic to your website.

Social traffic metrics significantly allows you,

  • To know where the potential customers are spending the maximum of their time.
  • To know where people are conversing with reference to your business products/services offered.

The most specific and important information you get through vast majority of your social traffic is that either your present social efforts are paying off or not. Moreover, if all your spent time, money and attention to your selected social channels are not generating enough traffic and revenue as per your demand, then you are in strong need of changing marketing strategy. One of the best factors to control any such problem is to change your content type shared with your visitors. And paying more focus on the social media channels that can drive more traffic for you. To get a return on your efforts, you have to carefully study your social traffic metrics and choose the social channels in line with your business type.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks as building block of any search engine optimization campaign play a vital role in inbound marketing.  This is why you need to continually monitor your Backlinks also termed as inbound links. These are also important to be tracked because of the below listed facts.

  • Number of Backlinks indicates the popularity of your website
  • They represent important sales opportunities.
  • Search engines like Google in particular give more credit to the sites having quality backlinks in good number and consider them more relevant for searching queries than others.
  • Your site could be penalized if any or your new Backlinks violate the rules as search engines frequently change the way of valuing the backlinks.
  • It helps in finding new and legitimate websites taking interest in your offered products or services. Factually these are the relationships you greatly need to nurture and it would be hard to go through if you don’t know that they existed in the first place.

All these three Inbound Marketing Metrics are essentially beneficial for successful measurement of your business growth. Why this is so? This is because of the key fact that these metrics helps in gathering your site’s traffic information. Managing the information obtained is the step come after implementing the 3 key steps including:

To design your metrics monitoring system, don’t forget to keep track of both immediate as well as the long term results.

D-Tech Systems is digital marketing company which truly understands how to pay close attention to prevailing trends in the industry and assures their best possible implementation to make your business thrive.