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People look for experiences online. They buy with their eyes and this is why e-commerce websites offering the best user experience always make more sales. Online stores are always busy in refining refine their designs to boost sales and increase profits, but they usually fall short on ideas. Unique ideas make sales, but there is a very short window for an idea to remain unique in the world today.

The likes and dislikes of people change frequently and buyers expect something different from online stores every year. They want an experience that allows them to know more about the product they intend to buy and enjoy shopping at the same time. So without further ado, here are some 2018’s e-commerce web design trends that are going to be very popular in Saudi Arabia.

Voice User Interfaces

Voice User Interface (VUI) is expected to conquer the e-commerce scene in the years ahead. You must have noticed the ease of getting simple tasks done just by asking OK Google, Cortana, Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa. They are also fun to talk to. If this convenience is being offered by an e-commerce portal, just imagine the interest it will create among the people. A customer simply asks your website to show him all tweed coats for sale and it displays just what he had asked for. There is no looking for the search bar and typing the right keywords involved here. It is a great online shopping experience.

Mobile Apps over Mobile Sites

You notice that thing in your hand that you keep glancing at after every two minutes. Yes, that smartphone is going to change the way you do online shopping in 2018. Experts believe that having a mobile-friendly website alone is not enough to convince all your mobile prospects. People are increasingly searching for products and services through their mobile devices and such consumers are expecting their favorite online stores to have mobile apps.

But why would one prefer a mobile app over a mobile site for online shopping in Saudi Arabia? This may have a variety of reasons. For starters, mobile apps offer convenience, personalization, and speed to online shoppers in Saudi Arabia. People like scrolling on social media, finding what they like and buying it instantly through an app they trust. This is why we recommend all online stores in Saudi Arabia to invest in a mobile application to transform prospects into loyal customers.

Guided Selling

Have you ever walked into a shop not knowing what kind of suite you are to buy for your friend’s wedding? You skim through a couple of options after finally asking the salesperson to help you out. He asks you a couple of questions related to the event and people attending it and then presents you with suitable options. This is called guided selling and it’s precisely what online buyers in Saudi Arabia are looking for.

To most people in Saudi Arabia, the plethora of choices found online is very confusing. They want something and get lost in the varieties e-commerce portals offer. To solve this issue, prudent websites feature interactive buying guides help customers in making their buying decision. These interactive guides contain targeted questions that collect information related to the buyer’s needs. It explains different options to the customers and educates them on the possibilities. Analyzing the answers received from the users, the intelligent guided selling system then presents the buyer with options that best suit their needs.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Studies reveal that approximately 40% of mobile users in Saudi Arabia have admitted going to the competition after receiving a bad mobile experience. This not only makes you lose customers, it also makes your competitor stronger. 2018 is expected to bring great opportunities to online business aiming to increase their customer base through excellent mobile designs. If you have a mobile app that is not generating good sales, you need to look into its design and make sure it’s user-friendly. Remember, easy navigation and prominent search bar is the major elements that make the perfect mobile commerce experience.

Our advice is to avoid the stacked menu button that is displayed as ☰, and reveals further options after it has been clicked. Such buttons require the user to perform more actions than necessary to achieve the desired result. We believe that tabs that can change by simple swiping are a good alternative to it.

Meaningful Scrolling

We all scroll when we buy something. It is an inherent part of customer buying experience. But what’s the use of scrolling through multiple pictures of the same product featuring it with different angles? You will get to know how it looks like, but you will never know its functionalities. In 2018 online buyers I Saudi Arabia are looking for meaningful scrolling. They want product pages that not only show what a product looks like, they also want people to see that product in action and understand how it can be properly utilized.

Creative Video Display

Making videos of products and promoting them is nothing new. Everyone is doing it and it is expected to dominate e-commerce website design trends in Saudi Arabia in 2018. This is because videos are among the best forms of eliciting emotions and telling stories. They are also very good at explaining complex ideas and secure a better chance of convincing an online buyer to make a purchase.

In 2018, try to expand your vision so that the idea of videos goes beyond an element embedded in a web page. Use videos as hero images, backgrounds, or fragments of the ingenious scrolling experience we mentioned earlier.

Personalization and Branding

Put your heart and soul into the e-commerce website you are developing for your customers in Saudi Arabia. This is because people here really appreciate quality. A personalized website feels more interactive and this is precisely what you need to convert traffic to customers. Invest in creative styles, unique fonts and iconography to make a website more appealing. You can also season your website with branded visuals in header images, forms, backgrounds of prominent pages and other similar places where you plan to interact with your customers. Remember, branding strengthens your business identity and can strengthen the image of your business among your customers.

These were some of the e-commerce website design trends that are expected to be really popular in Saudi Arabia in the coming years. If you need help with your online shopping portal in Saudi Arabia, click here to get professional assistance.

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