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Scrolling on Facebook you come across a very attractive pair of shoes. You notice that it has a high price tag, but these are the shoes you always wanted. You visit the website to make the order only to find out that it has a very outdated design. Why would a company manufacturing such expensive footwear have such a website? Your trust in the company starts to dwindle. Maybe, it’s a scam. Dejected you close the tab and continue with your aimless social media scrolling. The same thing happens to millions of other online buyers and this is one of the major factors good businesses in Saudi Arabia lose their online customers.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, your website is the online presence of your company. It is the face of your business that people see when they look for your services or products online and it should be as up-to-date as you keep your retail stores. Saudis judge businesses a lot by the outlook of their websites, so if your online presence is not up to the current standards, you are bound to lose most of your online customers.

All businesses are highly interested in being on the ball with the latest news in their industries, yet very few pay attention to the latest web design trends. If you are careless about how your website looks, there are high chances that your competitor will steal most of your customers by featuring the contemporary web designs. So if you want to refurbish your website and give your online presence a new, attractive face, here are a few web design trends that are expected to dominate the market in 2018.

Geometric Shapes

The trend of patterns, lines and circles appeared in 2016 and steadily gained popularity in 2017. Website design experts are of the opinion that this trend will continue to develop in 2018. Careful utilization of mixed shapes and patterns on a webpage page can achieve great results in terms of user experience. Design and layout appearance are the elements that attract the visitors to important areas of your website. Creative designs and meaningful layouts are highly appreciated in the web design field. Decorative elements and simple shapes combined with flat and material designs are expected to be all the rage in 2018.

Bright Colors

Featuring bright colors on your website allows you to boldly declare your brand message. Experts say that material designs and flat designs mix perfectly with the juicy ones. In modern design, colors transition ranks amongst the actual and contemporary trends. Flat colors are expected to change to multi-colored gradients in 2018. Creative logos, colorful buttons, and other attractive elements displayed with unique styles are expected to be really appealing to the Saudi Arabian clients. Remember, mixing colors the right way and avoiding flashy colors is of foremost importance in 2018.

Pictures and Graphics

In 2017, featuring unique pictures on home pages was a popular trend. Websites featuring graphic design gave out a cramped appearance in terms of web design, last year. In 2018, all this is expected to change. Web design experts say that graphical illustrations have a significant potential that remains to be tapped. Therefore, one can safely say that graphic illustrations will definitely be gaining more popularity this year. Sketch art and line art icons are forecasted to be really popular in 2018. The trend of sketch art will further evolve and generate interest among the people in Saudi Arabia. Similarly, contour drawing will also continue to be featured in successful websites.

Photo Content

Google says content is King. Many people understand this content to be text content. In terms of SEO this might be so, but when it comes to user experience and the general attractiveness of a website, photo content dominates everything. One can expect unique approached to photo content to remain relevant in web design trends in Saudi Arabia at e-commerce sites. This is because more than 60% of online surfers believe that the most decisive factor of an online purchase is the creative usage of unique pictures and photos. So, if you are a business running an e-store, you now know which areas will need your maximum attention.

Web design experts say that pronounced photos are really important if an e-commerce website needs to be successful in selling. Working with digital designers and web design experts is essential if you want to fashion your website with a unique and recognizable design. Just avoid stock photos and try switching your attention to unique and original graphic images. Remember, individuality is what matters in 2018 and if you have a website that targets Saudi Arabian customers and lacks individuality then you can expect fewer sales this year.


In 2017, animated objects were literally everywhere. Interestingly, this trend has somehow carried it forward in 2018 as well. Animated logos and icons featured in websites and mobile applications are expected to be really popular this year. Experts say that short videos and superior quality GIFs working on a continuous cycle will continue to offer a smooth visual pleasure for Saudi Arabian users in 2018. These will be the elements of choice for adding some interesting drama and engaging movement to webpages. They will also able to retain visitor’s attention for a long time.


The popular JPG, PNG and even GIF images will become outdated in 2018. The modern world calls for more attention to be paid to the quality of images along with their accessibility to the general users. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is forecasted to be the most popular extension in 2018. Since SVG are easy to scale and experience no loss of quality, experts believe them to be really popular among online businesses in Saudi Arabia. Since the size of SVG files is also very acceptable in many respects they will easily be among the best formats for graphic elements in the years ahead. When it comes to software, Sketch is expected to replace Photoshop as it is really easier and faster to create website layouts on Sketch.

These were the top six web design trends that will be dominating the online markets in 2018. If you are a business looking for professional web design services in Saudi Arabia, Dtech Systems has everything you need. Tell us about your project and get a free quote.

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