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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godi

Ever wondered why you can sit through an entire movie without constantly fidgeting or checking your smartphone but not a business meeting? Ever thought why you can read an entire novel without much distraction but never a course book? The reason lies in the magic of storytelling.  Even accurate data and best PowerPoint presentations fail to occupy space in your brain but a powerful story makes a place for a lifetime. Even today, you remember the bedtime stories that you were told and you never questioned their illogicality. The story telling and its roots can be traced back to the beginning of time. The reason religions are so persuasive and so close to our heart is because they tell us powerful stories. Digital Marketers these days lay greatest emphasis on the art of storytelling as they know that their survival is in danger otherwise and they know they cannot create a difference online without effective use of storytelling.

Why Storytelling Is The Most Effective Form Of Digital Marketing?

Here are a few reasons why storytelling is the most powerful way to convince your customers to make a purchase decision

  • Stories trigger emotions and hence they cannot be easily forgotten. The information reaching our brain that has some emotional significance gets stored in our long term memory and that is why stories have a greater power.
  • Stories communicate your message clearly and instigate an action in return. The brand will fail to communicate a clear message without adding the element of storytelling to it.
  • Statistical Data never stirs up your imagination; instead a good story takes you to a journey of imaginations where pictures are played as you read through a story. This makes a story more entertaining and less boring.
What Are The Components Of A Powerful Story?

Story telling becomes more powerful when you infuse it with some more components using following techniques:

  • Add elements of inquisitiveness, mystery and curiosity so that the reader cannot leave it unfinished.
  • Make your customer the hero of the story. As your customer will be able to relate to the incident being narrated in the story, he will feel the urge to try out the product.
  • Make sure that your story has a proper beginning, middle and an end along with a clear message so that a reader finishes the story.
  • Be honest when you are telling a story. It does not matter whether it is not extraordinary. What matters is how well you narrate it to your customers.

Statistical data is usually not shared as much as a story is shared with others. Storytelling techniques have been adopted by biggest brands and they made sure that they use the power of storytelling rightfully to attract their customers and persuade them in the most convincing way.

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