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The fear of missing out on an event that is happening right now near you is the fear that haunts us like no other. Sometimes you are sitting alone at home on a Saturday night and wonder if a miracle can save you from the torture of boredom, and you imagine what must be happening at the moment nearby that you could enjoy. So, what is the cure of this fear of missing out?


ItsPoppingHere is the preeminent event discovery app or fun finder app that’s keen to provide you information of real time events. It let’s you grab all the fun from latest events and parties to restaurants and clubs.

How It Works?

The app is based on real time reviews of people who attend the events. The reviews contain pictures of the event so you know the review is dependable and not fake. The reviews on ItsPoppingHere are not older than eight hours and all the reviews are time-stamped. The reviews can also be shared on social media sites.

Why ItsPoppingHere?

The reasons for using the app are not simply that it is free and simple to use. The app is based on latest and original reviews and those reviews that are not moderated. Moreover, the app does not waste your time by telling you about the events that happened yesterday or last week.

So, if you think you can keep up with the pace at which the reviews are generated then simply grab your phone and install the app. Get started and enjoy the party while it lasts!

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