The BodyShop

The Body Shop was established in 1976 as a provider of enriching and naturally-inspired beauty products. All of their products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. The body shop has over 200 stores in the UK and operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

Key Challenges

As a globally widespread brand, The Body Shop had already expanded to Saudi Arabia with over 20 stores spread throughout the country. However, physical retail stores were limited to metropolitan cities alone and were not sufficient to cater to the demand pouring in from all regions of the country. The Body Shop had international versions of their websites for all the countries they operate in, except for Saudi Arabia. According to research, 88% of consumers research a product online before buying in-store. The lack of an online presence for Body Shop in Saudi Arabia meant they were losing out on most of their potential consumers. In addition, a lack of a website was creating the following issues

  • Limited accessibility
  • Limited market reach
  • Weak customer relationship
  • Hindrance in marketing efforts

Business Solution

Dtech’s responsibility as a software and digital marketing firm was to design and develop an e-commerce platform for the Saudi stores of The Body Shop. The user interface and experience of the website was kept similar to the official UK website to ensure brand consistency. The front and back end of the website was programmed to work with the Magento framework. To safeguard an optimized browsing experience, the responsiveness of the website was ensured, making the website flexible to all devices.

The development of the website alone was not sufficient to strengthen customer relations and marketing efforts. In order to take advantage of the power of analytics, Dtech ensured on-page SEO and analytics to assist The Body Shop in acquiring customer data and metrics to help devise a marketing plan according to the intended target market.

Business Impact

The development of a local website for Saudi Arabia proved fruitful in multiple ways. Primarily the market reach for Body Shop saw a significant rise, increasing accessibility for all its customers. Additionally, the following KPIs saw substantial improvement.

  • Total Sales
  • Total Leads
  •  Customer Engagement
  •  Customer Satisfaction
  • Brand Awareness

The overall project objectives set by the client were successfully accomplished, leaving another customer satisfied.

Technology Stack

    • CMS: Magento
    • Programming Language: PHP
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML/CSS