The Richy group is a leading retail apparel group targeted towards men, based in Saudi Arabia. Its products range from fabric, stitched apparel to accessories and homeware. Additionally, the LaMode service provides bespoke tailoring options to its clients.

Key Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for the company was of limited accessibility and reach. Additionally, as the company deals in customized tailoring options visualizing the finished product would have been difficult on a website. According to studies not only do consumers prefer omnichannel shopping but also prefer product interaction which is generally lacking in e-commerce. The following issues were plaguing the company

  • Limited Accessibility and reach
  • Unfulfilled demand
  • Lack of  platforms for marketing efforts
  • Lack of product interaction on e-commerce

Business Solution

Dtech Systems was involved in the development of a website integrated with a 3D modeling feature. Magento 2 was decided as the E-commerce platform for web development due to its enhanced performance parameters. It was the optimal choice for Richy’s website particularly because of its high scalability, flexibility, hosting freedom, availability of numerous extensions and easy third-party integrations. The website was designed to be highly visual with negative spacing to convey Richy’s luxurious brand identity. The responsiveness of the website was ensured to make the site accessible from all devices.

A 3D modeling feature was created for the website to provide consumers with a virtual thoub try out experience. The feature allows consumers to pick their material and size of choice and view a virtual representation of the expected finished product reducing their perceived risk. The 3D modeling feature provided consumers with an enriching experience overcoming the lack of interaction typically faced when shopping online.

Business Impact

The web solutions provided by Dtech Systems to Richy group proved beneficial in a number of ways. Primarily the market reach of the company improved by providing consumers a digital channel to shop. Additionally, the following KPIs were improved

  • Total Sales
  • Number of customers
  • Customer Reach
  • Conversions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement

Technology Stack

  • CMS: Magento
  • Promgramming Language: PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS