Dtech Systems developed the Hawy website from the scratch and made sure that they got the attention they deserved through website development. It was an online platform for selling hunting accessories that leaded to sales and company growth.

Key Challenges

The client wanted the following aspects needed for the website:

  • Details of all the products that show the complete range of accessories available at website
  • Implement a payment method that ease the customers to pay online
  • Multilingual website (English and Arabic)
  • Mobile specific lay out for hand held devices

Business Solution

  • All the products were properly displayed along with their details and prices on the website
  • Paytabs implemented for online payment integration
  • A simple click converts the website into other language to address multilingual support
  • Optimized lay out design was made for the mobile devices

Business Impact

The website helped the client to sell the products without having a physical store. It helped them generate more revenue with increased customers. Online payment integration module helped in quick payments of orders received. Multilingual support also made it easy for the local users to know about the services offered by Hawy website.