Carefer helps users find the nearest car maintenance workshop in case of a car break down. It is the first and best car maintenance application that provide users an easy, reliable and guaranteed way to maintain their vehicle. Dtech Systems was hired to develop Android and iOS applications for Carefer to help the users know the exact locations of car maintenance workshops in the nearby areas across Riyadh.

Key Challenges

  • The fastest way of connecting users with workshops
  • Getting all nearby workshops shown on the
    city map 
  • Integration of maps for the shortest route to
    the workshop
  • Data collection & integration of the workshops
    in the app

Business Solution

The implementation of the Carefer application allows the user to:

  • See a detailed city map integrated with
    Google maps
  • Find the nearest car maintenance workshops
  • Choose the best workshop reviewed by
    other users
  • List of services along with their prices
  • Option to navigate through map towards the selected workshop
  • Get the car fixed from the best workshop and
    save time

Business Impact

With the dynamic and easy to use the app, Carefer stands out to be the best mode of connecting users with workshops. The users can find the closest workshop without any hassle. With Carefer users were able to get the details of services that the workshop provides along with their prices. Users were able to review and rate the workshops in the application, which gave an idea about the ideal workshops to rest of the users.