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No one ever starts business with the vision of getting maximum likes on social media pages. Focusing on extraordinary number of likes or followers in the world of social media only leads you astray rather than drawing you closer towards achieving your ultimate goal. While 1.28 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 255 million on Twitter might not be looking for buying a product, many can still can be attracted and persuaded using best social media marketing tactics. Just as liking a Facebook post about someone who got their iPhone stolen  won’t help that person get it back, similarly if you get likes on your Facebook page; it does not mean you are going to win a customer.

Here are 5 reasons Why online entrepreneurs must look beyond numbers?

Likes Only Boost Your Ego Not Your Sales:

The increased number of likes on Facebook will never help a brand increase their sales unless the brand knows how to engage their customers and convert the likes into sales. Great benefits can be reaped from social networks if you do not leave any query unanswered on the posts and connect with your customers in the best possible way. This will foster healthy relations with your customers building their loyalty and your integrity.

Likes Create A Blockade In Reaching Actual Target Market:

If a Facebook page gets too many likes in very less time by paying for them then all the likes are surely not organic. This creates a serious issue when you need to identify those who are actually interested in buying your product/service. Designing a social media marketing campaign becomes a grave issue in such a scenario and consumer research takes long time. Furthermore you lose focus of your potential customers. Moreover modification of your product/service is dependent on the feedback of real consumers that won’t come from fake accounts.

Trust Drops As Likes Rise:

Just like you know lying to a child doesn’t work in this day and age, similarly deceiving your customers by buying likes and followers will most certainly make them repulsive towards your brand.  The fake likes will not only be useless in driving your sales but are more likely to get your page banned and deleted off Facebook due to suspicious accounts.

It Fails To Create A Difference:

It is not usually possible to make your brand distinguished or notable on the basis of the huge number of followers or likes and neither does it create a difference in the eyes of consumers. If you fail to create a difference then no one would want to try your service as well. It is imperative to focus on creating a difference and stand out from other brands so users feel strongest urge to buy your product/service.

Your money is wasted:

The money that you spend on buying likes is going to be wasted and before you regret making the choice, you must know that there are many ways to get organic likes and stop focusing on the number game anymore. Likes will take away your hard earned money, integrity and loyalty.

So, marketing is a game that seeks to focus much beyond figures and statistics, although numbers matter but over focusing on them and being myopic about other crucial marketing aspects. So, follow the footsteps of all the successful business tycoons and go beyond numbers when it comes to online marketing.

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