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Mobile Commerce Solutions Bring Out for You the Best of the Wireless Revolution

Proliferation of mobile devices has greatly changed the world’s scenario. No matter you are relaxing somewhere or on work, mobile devices are always there like your best buddy. So beneficial is such a pal that brings everything at your hand palm. Mobile commerce may condense to M-commerce but       shows huge gains in the future of retail. Online shopping is no more debatable and m-commerce contributes up to 70% of this business domain. (Economic Times‎)

Today, digital marketing revolves around businesses, technologies and consumers. Hence for explosive growth of your business and retaining good number of persistent consumers , m-commerce site is the need of time. By staying ahead with accomplishment of market trends and consumers demand, you can feasibly stay ahead of crowd plus knocking out your competitors would be much easier. Mobile commerce applications can bring more benefits for your business products or services. Designers should dig into essentials of m-commerce websites and be mindful when going to design any mobile site.

Tips on Designing M-Commerce Sites:

With ever increasing smartphones adoption rate, consumers are becoming more familiar and fond of it as the best means of browsing and buying online. But to design mobile commerce site for your business you have to take into account every factor which may influence customer’s buying decision. Ensure that your designed mobile e-commerce website not only appeal your target audience but also performs well with no setback. Customers never appreciate a gaudy site with slow access rates. So make your mobile site scheme more user friendly and graphic interfaces to be loaded easily. For effective and usable m-commerce site development, your implemented design should encompass below conferred recommendations.

Small Screens Need More Smart Designing:

Mobile devices screens are smaller than desktops and accordingly you are required to design m-commerce site. Designing m-commerce site is all about streamlining and simplification. There exist so many elements affecting the buyers’ mindset while making any purchase. Accordingly, it’s quite obvious that usability and site designing goes on hand in hand and you must bear in mind the mobile users environment of interest.

  • Distinct &Clear Features:

Unlike desktop users, mobile users essentially require bigger, clearer, faster and easy to go features for any mobile site. If your design is for supporting the online shopping stores to make sound sales revenue, never ever try to neglect the users demand; you may left behind in taking the lead. Ensure clear route for the user to buy and opt out any section hindering in directing the buyers towards the store.

Moreover, you can link your blog to it but don’t over crowd the home page with any sort sales related content. Also, do way with paginated content for mobile e commerce site. Similarly, use attractive and eye soothing colors, limited text amount and optimize the font size in a way that consumer isn’t forced to pinch or swipe.  View-all page configuration is most popular among searchers as they want accurate results and on mobile devices pages must be with minimum possible loading time. You can connect component pages to one series but it’s not the mandate by any means.

  • Easy & Fast Navigation

Develop and design feasibly navigable site with prominent images if used plus appealing and evidently visible content attributes. Mobile users aimed to save their time and if your m-commerce site is not fulfilling this demand, you may get a huge impediment. Small screens restriction is major factor effecting mobile site development and designing.

Avoid over stuffing and text-based pop-up menus for the reason that smartphone users consider them as nightmares. It’s near to impossible giving people everything they need so you are required to prioritize and give most likely options over others and design your mobile ecommerce store in view of that.  Mobile users normally don’t like huge menu and tappable images so evading is the best approach herein.

  • Don’t Neglect Search Bar

Last but not the least is searching bar, never ever forget to insert it in your mobile e-commerce website. Noticeable searching bar is the most valued component to retain the buyers. If visitors of your site couldn’t find in least time span what they actually need, they may simply back out and purchase from some other site. There isn’t any excuse of removing such a significantly important search box and it must have to be featured in your designing plan.

  • Checkout flow

Point of sale should not be over looked and properly designed with limited fields therein. Essentially people accessing your m-commerce from smartphones prefer stress-free checkout flow. You can bring into play the Google Checkout or PayPal for further simplification of payment screens.


Mobile gadgets are taking central place in our lives and preferably used devices of shopping and paying online. There isn’t any need to get out of your cozy bed or spent office timings in visiting stores in person. Simply visit the most trusted m-commerce site from your internet enabled device, search for your items and place order. After payment confirmation, you will get your items at your desired place. 3G and 4G technologies have increased mobile websites popularity. It’s time to go beyond conventional methods and embrace the whole new mobile commerce revolution. 

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