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Social media marketing is an effective method of gaining traffic and building awareness through social media sites. Although this covers platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube however for the purpose of this article we will only be looking at Linkedin as a platform for marketing and growing a business. In particular linkedin is extremely useful for B2B businesses however that does not mean B2C businesses would not benefit from Linkedin.

Target Audience

In the case of B2B businesses, your target audience will most likely be on Linkedin and may even be actively searching for a solution on the platform.  The whole aim behind social media marketing is reaching out to your particular target market, and in your case, it may be on Linkedin and not Facebook and Instagram that is more popular among retailers.

Stand out with your Profile

Create a personal profile and fill out all the available options. The more information the profile will have e.g picture, resume, experience etc. the more credible the profile. This will help build connections with similar people and help you become more visible to potential contacts.  Adding trust inducing aspects like endorsements from your connections is a good idea. After this start making connections and connect with your audience. Rather than randomly adding connections, reach out to people that form your target audience or are related to your line of business. Once identified send them a tailored msg and request rather than a generic one.

Business Page

This is the most important aspect when incorporating LinkedIn in your social media marketing plan.  Take a few simple measures when creating a business page, for example, ensuring integrated marketing communications by delivering a message that aligns with other marketing messages. Similarly having your employees and team members connect their profiles to the page to depict the people behind the business and build trust.


Posting meaningful content that is engaging is essential to avail social media marketing benefits. Generally, a combination of organic and curated content is impactful. However, even if the content is curated adding your own point of view and perspective can be imperative for creating engagement.  Similarly using trending hashtags can help make your content seen and drive in traffic to your website and lead to conversions.  Additionally engaging with your audience is really important, it may be as simple as responding to an individual that commented on your post.


When considering Advertising on Linkedin although there are a few different options however the most popular is sponsorship in which a person can boost its own organic post. However consideration needs to be taken when boosting a post. Instead of boosting all or any post, those posts should be boosted that have showed promising organic results and are more likely to be of interest to your audience, which is very important in social media marketing management.

These tips can provide you with a starting point for setting up your own Linkedin account and using it as part of your social media strategy. It’s a great tool for increasing leads and deriving conversions when used effectively. Dtech systems as a leading web development and digital marketing agency offers social media marketing services as part of its digital marketing service so that you don’t have to worry about the particulars. Get in touch, for more information on our services.


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