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When the replacement of older KitKat version of Android is already here, let’s look at what the latest Operating system will hold for its users before it is actually available on smart devices. Nexus devices will be the first one to fit in the Lollipop version.

The new Android 5.0 lollipop is equipped with unique and advanced features to make the user experience even more gratifying. It incorporates following advancements:

  1. Material Design:

Android Lollipop gives a new meaning to user interface with the use of material design.  This will provide the users an expanded Ul toolkit to integrate new designs effortlessly in their apps. As the user shifts from one state to another, built-in activity transitions make the experience delightful by providing elegant animated motion. Buttons, check boxes and other touch controls in the apps have ripple animations available on them. Despite of delays in the main Ul thread, now new processing thread is embedded herein entitled ‘Render Thread’ for smooth animations.

  1. Notifications:

As people do not want any notification to be delayed, meanwhile the notifications must also not disturb the user; the new Android 5.0 takes this into account and introduces a new way. Notification may or may not appear on the lock screen as desired by the user. The user can also alter the length of notifications from being in detail to small. While you are using an app, the incoming call will be notified without closing the app. The notification will be in the form of a small window that appears over the screen.

  1. Battery time increased:

This new Android version addresses the battery consumption issues and aims to improve battery time. It is working on improvement of battery life with Project Volta and has introduced battery saver mode which reschedules certain tasks to be performed later when the battery is minimum. The new tool helps to find out the amount of battery consumption when a particular app on your device is under use.

  1. Enhanced security:

The data won’t be lost or misused on stolen/lost devices using new Android 5.0 Lollipop because it has encryption turned on by default. This version also comes with a new Android Smart Lock feature ensuring that the data can only be accessed when the device is paired with another trusted device. So, the new version surely comes with added security.

  1. Device Sharing:

Android Lollipop lets the users share their devices. It will help you to set up guest users for your smartphone or tablet. You can also enjoy screen sharing by pinning your screen and letting the user see only the particular screen as per your desire. It further gives you the opportunity to access your messages and chats and make a call from any other Android Lollipop smart device by simply signing in.

  1. Segregation of Work data from personal data:

The device can also be used at workplace as the managed provisioning process lets you create a separate work profile. The work data stays secure and separate from personal data. The added security allows you to use the device easily for work purposes and save company data without any risk of being stolen or misused in anyway.


  • Additionally, the new Android 5.0 Lollipop also incorporates a tilt detector, heart rate sensor and interaction composite sensor to recognize activity, heart beat and gestures such as wake up and glance. This Android OS version surely has a lot in store for the users this time. The wait is totally worth it.


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