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Are you an iPhone user and fed up with dreary and tedious black and white conversions? Kevin Abosch, a prominent figure of the world photography, has developed an app called ‘Lenka‘ which is the simplest yet potent app that gives monochromic look to the pictures. The images produced by Lenka are simply outstanding and give a completely different look.

This remarkably good app for iOS creates gorgeous black and white images. It is one of its kind app which is specially designed for the professionals and amateurs. It offers only one high contrast filter and does not allow use of the substandard front facing camera.
One of the most amazing features that this app has to offer is its exceptionally good auto focus, through which processing of an image occurs. Moreover, it’s phenomenal exposure also allows users to take quick shots hence, saving the time.
The monochrome interface provides the users with two shooting modes; normal and high contrast that can be accessed through a button to the right of huge yellow shutter button. After clicking a picture, there is no searching with filters. It does not have a flash however, if you are clicking pictures in dim/low light it gives you the option to continuously leave the iPhone light on.
Lenka app is mainly built for the iPhone 5 series but it can be used on any iPhone. Its cost is just $2.99.
This black and white app took the world by storm with its simple yet amazing features. It surely is the one monochrome app we have all been waiting for so long.