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All the musicians out there would agree on the stance that composing music is not a child’s play and that too with your hands. Have you ever dreamt of a tool that allows you to compose music without hurting your hands? For a couple of years IK Multimedia, a renowned international music tech firm, has been busy in creating unique instruments and devices for musicians. This time around company has extended its wings by introducing a phenomenal tool for musicians known as ‘iRing’.

iRing is a motion controller and gesture based wearable ring by using which are quite lightweight as well. This wonderful set of rings has taken music production out of computers by putting music making into your hands. It is a simple device that brings in striking motion control without any complex mechanical or technical hurdles. This ring has two sides. Both of the sides have three dots and only difference between them is the pattern of dots as in; One side has dots in a linear pattern whereas second one has in a triangular pattern. It can track gestures or hand movements to a certain limit; roughly some five feet away from the camera. Along with it, this amazing tool has two separate apps that are entitled with the iRing Music Maker and the iRing FX/Controller. First one is for casual use whereas, the latter is for those people who have an in-depth experience and want to use it professionally. Moreover, iRing and its apps identify these dot patterns, with the help of front facing camera, and then match with particular tasks or functions on your mobile devices. Company’s touch less MIDI controller and other music creation apps can distinguish your movements right away. Basically, what happens is that different gestures control this ring, such as; dropping in or out of the bass, and these movements make use of the camera on iPhone, iPad etc.. to identify and well comprehend position of iRing by originating command on a MIDI program. A set of IK Multimedia’s ‘iRing’ costs only $24.99 along with free apps; and is available at Amazon. At first glance, this ring seems like a toy that is very brittle but once you get hold of it, you would find it to be extremely rigid and soon you will fell in love with the command and power of this fantabulous gesture based tool.