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This year’s WWDC held a lot of new surprises for Apple users and developers as it unveiled its latest software for Mac and iPhone. Some even say that Apple is finally coming out of mourning of its founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. While we won’t be experiencing both iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite until this fall, the developers actually get to check out the beta version of the software. The launch of iOS 8 has been very successful since its disclosure on 2nd of June 2014. It has got a lot to offer to its users, the details of which are discussed below:

o   Photos like never before – This cool new feature saves all your pictures, taken from iOS devices, on iCloud; allowing you to access all your photos any iOS device, anywhere, even the edited ones. Moreover, you can find a picture that you are looking for by typing in the date or time the photo was taken, location or the album name. There’s more; with the help of the new photo app you can adjust your photos however you like. You can crop them, alter brightness and contrast, add highlights, whatever you want; it’s all there in the photo app.

o   The perks of messaging – The new enhancements to the messaging app are amazing. You can now send messages with both audio and video in them as well as share your current location. Plus you can start a group conversation, adding or dropping whoever you want and give it a name for your convenience. Not just this, but you can also set a Do Not Disturb on a specific conversation, one which you do not want to hear from any more.

o   Keyboard augmentations – The largest ever upgrade to the iOS keyboard since the very first iPhone, is finally here. The feature of predictive typing, as it proposes different options for the next word, has been on android for some time but Apple claims that their execution is superior as it suggests what you might want to say to your friends or family or colleagues based on your previous conversations. Furthermore Apple is allowing developers to offer their own keyboards and you can choose a keyboard of you own choice.

o   iCloud everywhere – The constant mobility in your profession is no more a problem. You can access your documents from anywhere; let it be your Mac, iPad or your iPhone, as long as they are on iCloud. If you’re composing a document on your Mac, and suddenly have to go somewhere, you can carry on composing it from your iPad or iPhone. Even the edited changes appear in all three places. It is even compatible with Windows.

o   Health comes first – Finally the biggest feature of iOS 8; the new health app. Regular health apps just collect data like your cholesterol, heart rate, blood sugar etc. This health app combines all that data and gives you a complete overview of your health. Keep a track of all your medications, allergies, vitals etc. through the health data feature. And the best part; the developers can make use of this health app too by making use of all the data already present in the app.

The iOS 8 encompasses a lot of other cool new features but these are the ones that I found best. With these new advancements iOS is definitely for the better, maybe even the best.