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Managing your online branding will remain the focus of digital marketing in the near future. With the ability to portray far-reaching positive/negative outcomes for the business, the exercise of online brand management requires dedicated attention to details.

What do we mean by online brand management? In the simple words, it is monitoring how your brand is viewed online and how to guide it right way. It has many elements and domains like; your website, social media pages/groups, online reviews, search engine results, and published content. In short, wherever you have some online presence/conversation, the brand’s image has to be tracked. A report suggest that 78% customers are influenced by online search, which makes it mandatory for the business to track the brand perception, image of products and perceived quality of its service.

If you manage your brand well, it can drive business growth, enhance customer reach, and improve the general impression of the business.

We’ve studied some top online brands like Pepsi, Coke, Apple, Darussalam Publishers, Amazon, and Mashable. Our analysis focuses on the ideal practices that can help any business earn ‘premium status’ while remaining in budgetary limits.  Start up your brand management exercise with a solid foundation. Here are some suggestions.

  • Ensure Consistency- inconsistent messaging, and different portrayal can negatively impact your brand. Hence, it is imperative to set brand’s guidelines for consistent show that sets your brand aside from the competition. The guidelines should cover content, colors, images etc.
  • Educate Your Team- if you have practical grand guidelines but not being implemented effectively, the entire exercise goes in vain. Hence, it is important that anyone representing your brand to be educated on the latest version of brand guidelines and follows them effectively.
  • Employ Tracking Tools- There are many reputation management and brand tracking tools, which can be used to track the brand’s online progress. It is strongly recommended that you install/subscribe to some reliable tool (depending upon needs and budget) and monitor your online brand. This monitoring exercise should cover all online platforms including search, forums, social networks and articles.
  • Respond and Engage- If you find some hot discussion that may impact your brand or business, do participate and engage with critical customers. Try explaining the ‘point of discussion’ and share the official version. This is quite a useful way of bridging communication gap between your business and customers. Even if there are some discussions on problems, suggest some solution and win customers.
  • Some Tools- Finally, here are some tools that you can use to track/monitor your online brand. Google Alerts, Social Mention, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and Sprout are some good options to track your brand’s performance, strategize the solutions and plan future course of action.

What has been explained above is part of the official SOP at D Tech Systems. Taking clients’ feedback, analyzing the situation, and devising individual strategy (as per market/industry/budget) are the key elements of strategy making.