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Apple left everyone enthralled by introducing a fairly new concept known as ‘iBeacon’. It is Apple’s execution of Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology (BLE). The name sounds a bit nerd but, unlike its name, the device is brilliantly amazing and is expected to ‘change the world forever’, according to the Washington Post.

An iBeacon is a tiny mini low cost transmitter, which uses battery friendly Bluetooth links to send out timely messages directly to a tablet or a Smartphone. It basicallyprovides apps with an entire new level of position or location awareness.

According to Apple;

“This wonderful iBeacon is a new handy tool which is a low powered, low cost transmitter and is very convenient”.

iBeacon has more proximity coverage unlike NFC and is low powered as well as more affordable. One of the most amazing features is that it can pass on data in the absence of 3G, Wi-Fi or a GPS. iBeacon works splendid in the remote areas like cruises etc.. Apple mixed up iOS and BLE devices in a platter to serve this fantabulous technology to its end consumers. Apple implemented this iBeacon technology in the current version of iOS 7 and almost in all of its devices.

Moreover, this brilliant concept would have a huge impact on businesses, retailers as well as the consumers. Businesses and retailers will now have a direct link with their customers as in; they can tantalize the consumers to buy some extra items from the store. Businesses can set up this small transmitter like device to notify nearby Smartphones of their presence. Apart from this, they can also attach digital content to each and everything in their physical stores as well. Hence, meeting needs profitably.

When it comes to consumers, iBeacon has a lot more stuff on its platter for them and opens up a lot more possibilities. Now, the customers will have a direct access to new deals, videos, information as well as the electronic coupons or vouchers; according to their needs and interests. This device would send in notifications of nearby items that the customers might be looking for as well as it would make POS payments possible which means that there is no need to take out cards to pay for the purchased goods.

This new entrant is undoubtedly a great addition to the tech industry and is surely going to rule the hearts of businesses as well as the consumers.