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Twitter essential features


Gone the time when people think that Twitter is merely a simple short messaging or updating service. And of course I was the one with same opinion as apparently there was not enough room for businesses and marketers. We are true in the sense that this social platform to connect with the world allows the individuals to communicate with small group of people. Initially it looks like a simple application for short messaging, breaking news and customer services etc.

Being a marketer I always need resilient and supportive profile-raising platforms to maximize my efforts of spreading words for the products and services. Now thanks to Twitter as at the moment its text messaging attribute is revamped into a full-blown social networking channel.

Like many others I do make use of Twitter but not in a way that much impressive and with all the features embedding. Campaigning through Twitter got great recognition in recent years and most of its features are now powerful enough to take the small businesses to reach out the broader market.  Outwardly it seems difficult to convey your message with 140-characters but once becoming knowledgeable about surprising features, it wouldn’t be a rocket science any longer. Trust me and just capitalize on below listed features and what to use them for, your world of marketing will come up with great rewards. But don’t compromise over tracking your potential audience, keep them engaged by all good means and offering something pioneering on every occasion.

So many platforms, tools and features but may be of no use if you don’t know what to use them for. Similarly, numerous tools and features are added in last few years of Twitter’s debut into the world of marketing that have changed the trends drastically. For this reason, today no one can deny the fact that Twitter is the most imperious part of one’s digital marketing campaign.

No matter how comfortably and successfully you are using standard Twitter tools, tweeting, retweeting, and so on but many pretty good features are still to be used properly for improved outcome.

  1. Advanced Searching:

Finding target audience, talking about their liking , engaging them with you and fulfilling their exact demands and needs are key parameters to be focused. Search is the reason marketing campaign began in the first place. But how one can make the most of Twitter’s standard searching bar? It’s actually the search of words with hashtags in Twitter which will lead you to your prospective customers. This Twitter feature will give you more useful and relevant data whenever you try to find people looking for the products like yours or those talking about your competitor.

Advanced Search bar of Twitter will really assist you to perform instant searching of a word or hashtag. To be more specific you can narrow your findings through advance searching options where you can feasibly include/exclude the key information.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Time management is today’s most necessary element in any sort of work. Now you can work faster and save your time plus energies simply by using keyboard shortcuts while navigating through Twitter. I didn’t realize how many keyboard shortcuts are there but as soon as I decided to use them now I can bring about many other tasks without any delay. Less time consumption in any work means you can do lot more and doing more with true focus will turn into better outputs.

‘Keyword shortcuts’ is one of amazing and significantly used features of Twitter and the best thing is that you need not to memorize them all. Simply type ‘?’ when using Twitter and the shortcuts guide will pop up for your support.

  1. Embeddable Timelines

Where single tweets pattern would not work the way you want, try embeddable timelines feature of Twitter. It’s more interactive and enables the visitors to retweet, reply and favorite the tweets directly from your website. You can associate any public Twitter timeline to your website or blog as embedding tweets is surprisingly remarkable way of bringing variability to your content. Any of the four timelines including user timeline, list, favorites and the search can be embedded

It’s highly recommended to benefit from this feature as it will help you in drawing people attention to your social networking presence without directing them to any site. Moreover, it’s prominently helpful in displaying tweets around a specific event or campaign.

  1. Social Photos

Make your tweets more attractive by adding variety of imagery to your tweets. Collages and Photo tagging features are introduced by Twitter essentially for mobile phone users. This helps in making pictures on Twitter more social and you can make conversation with people around and can engage your target audience as well. Adding to it the plus side of the Twitter feature is that tagging will not affect the character limit. Sound smart and interesting as it could be factually beneficial for conferences and live events.

Collage feature of Twitter is more striking as it will automatically generate a series of four photos within a tweet. Attach single photo or four, only twenty there characters are consumed. What’s more worthy in these features is that these will be displayed in embedded tweets.


  • Knowing the features isn’t enough until you talk and share with your team the idea of their incorporation into your outreach plan. Besides traditional Twitter offerings, strategically implant these features to achieve your ultimate business goals on this platform.

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