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E-Commerce is getting stronger with each passing day and it has become quite difficult for the online firms to establish themselves in this giant competitive market. While setting up an online business the most tricky and challenging part is to ‘market’ it. It is vital to have a well-built marketing strategy as it is the base of any successful business. There are trillions of ways you could use to market your online business and one has to be vigilant enough while choosing the right marketing strategies and tools, as you just cannot use all of them, otherwise you will end up ruining the whole setup.

Best 8 of the tons and tons of E-Commerce marketing strategies are listed below

  1. SEO:

Search engine optimization is a tactic of techniques and strategies used to increase the amount of traffic, on a website, by getting a higher ranked placement in the search result page of the renowned search engines like; Bing, Google, Yahoo, to name a few.

Being involved in an E-commerce business, you just cannot afford to miss out on using SEO as a key marketing strategy. By using the exact explanatory/descriptive terms for page titles, text navigation links, writing a to the point webpage text and adding meta tags you can make your website prominent and beguiling on various search engines. Undoubtedly, on-site SEO is a very helpful tool as it has become easier for the users to surf through the first few search materials, that appear in the search results.

  1. Buzz Marketing:

There is whole lot of buzz about buzz marketing. Buzz marketing is a kind of WOM(word of mouth) and is delivered via internet. Basically it is E-WOM as in; the marketers make best use of network effects of the internet. Although this viral marketing technique is very tricky and difficult to handle; still is considered to be the favorite of most of the marketers. Marketers are incorporating it completely into their marketing campaigns. An online business can utilize it to the fullest by wittingly seeking out one-on-one chat with those who profoundly influence their fellows. An online marketer can create a WOM campaign where consumers are keen to spread the word of mouth to their colleagues and friends. Moreover, an online advertiser can disclose information regarding a product or service to only few knowing people in their target addressees.

  1. Wearable Devices:

Wearable devices like; Smartwatches and Google Glass, as expected have blown the masses away and become widely popular among them. This fantabulous development has made humans more efficient thus, helped improving life standards. Considering the popularity of these incredibly good wearable devices, it has become much easier for the online businesses to market themselves. E-Commerce giants should ponder upon it as, wearable devices are considered a vital part of the future generation. Such firms can provide their customers with discounts, offers, promotions as well as can update them via wearable devices. A lot of online firms have already used this strategy as in; a new e-commerce site ‘Gpop’ offers skin accessories for your Google Glass to wear it in style. This site provides people with the facility to build their own design and customize their Google Glass the way they want to. Likewise; Amazon is targeting masses by introducing a handheld magical gadget named as ‘Amazon Dash’. This gadget allows consumers to add in products, directly from the site, to their shopping lists. It is indeed a great tool to market the needs of customers profitably.

  1. Incentivization:

The other most influential marketing strategy is giving incentives to the customers. E-Commerce marketers can make best out of incentivization. What they can do is that offer discounts, special deals, a promotion or provide the loyal and VIP customers with loyalty cards. Moreover, the online marketers can also give condition based rewards. These tiny extra efforts won’t hurt the company rather would spread good WOM. Hence, increasing positive image of the brand.

  1. Web Rings:

Web ring is basically a group of similar e-businesses which form a kind of network by linking together in a circular chain. Basically what happens is that the visitor clicks through from site to site and that creates a chain. Each site has a common widespread navigation bar that consists of links to the preceding and the next site. This incredible technique can make it much easier for the online businesses to spread their wings.

  1. Mobile Commerce:

In this contemporary world, companies can no more ignore the mobile users. Online businesses can take advantage from today’s mobile dominated world. They can create websites designed especially for the mobile phone users as in; sites which would work perfectly on a smartphone, tablets etc.. People just cannot live without mobile phones and marketers can make best out of this weakness of the users. Masses have moved towards mobile shopping and they can be engaged into purchases through a tablet or smartphone wherever and whenever they want to. It gives an edge to the online businesses.