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World is now a digital arena where constant innovation and technical but trendy adaptation is very much required.  No matter what your business type, style and magnitude are, running successful digital marketing campaigns will play a core role. Be focused and vigilant when determining your goals to be achieved and follow the state-of-the-art digital marketing trends prevailing in the industry. Today, High-tech methodologies are everywhere and all you need is utilize them wisely for output of your own choice.

Cutting-edge digital marketing trends despite of traditional techniques will surely make you to stay ahead of your counterparts. Accommodate the latest dominating trends to hunt the audience and your digital advertisement will turn out to be smart enough for acquiring effective results. With no boundaries, digital marketing embraces the smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media and digital billboards etc. along with cost effectiveness, today you can make your digital marketing strategy more efficient through five major trends that are likely to rule the roost in 2014.

  1. Location based Marketing

Quite a leading trend, here GPS is used for delivering multimedia content with customized geographical location directly to potential client’s smart phone. Both vendors and customers are expecting more of this in the current year and social apps like Foursquare and Ban.jo etc are also helpful in getting significant consumer data.


  1. Social Media Expansion

Social media diversification is another prevailing trend to aid you in digital marketing. After Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, now Pinterest and Instagram are on the surge too. More than 90 percent marketers believe in that these social media platforms must be an integral part of their marketing. Statistics show that the number of audience to these networks is on good growth than the previous year of 2013. This means more number of vendors is capitalizing on these promotional platforms. you can make significant presence there, can connect to potential customers and this is because of the fact that you can feasibly build your brand on the above-mentioned networks.

3. Digital Content Curation

Arranging, collecting and managing the available data is what makes up digital content curation through different apps. This is going to be another imperative digital marketing trend in 2014 for people to engage with your business line in a better way. Numerous digital content discovery apps are now accessible in the market such as Flip board, Pulse, and Fancy helpful in making users to squeeze businesses feeds as per their interests and perspectives. They can filter and customize the data available according to their requirement. Pinterest is what comes in mind when one is looking for remarkable content curation possibilities. List.ly and Quora are also beneficial in this regard.

4         Video Marketing

Text content has its own value but videos have always been more powerful toll for conveying your message. It’s a norm that ‘to see is to believe’ and accordingly video marketing is getting more and more popularity by every passing day. Social media platforms are also supporting the video options which are approachable on smart phones also.