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Bloggers might be thinking of their actively running blog for 24/7 hours. Not necessarily on work, idea for your next blog post may have sudden arrival in mind while playing with kids, during morning walk or while traveling somewhere. Human mind keep on thinking and ideas can strike you anytime and anywhere; now how you could initiate practical sketching, here come your smartphone for your support.

Blogging and Smartphones

Numerous significantly beneficial blogging mobile apps are now available so that you can get rid of taking everything with you all the time. If you are an avid blogger you must have these apps through which you can manage multiple blogs easily.  Blogging isn’t only a hobby but quite a serious business as well and needs full time devotion. Thanks to wide range of mobile apps that allows you to stay connected with your blog and tasks linked with when you are not at your desk. All you need is to distill and download the required apps out of the bunch and get the immense benefits from all.

  1. WordPress

Everyone knows the reliability of WordPress as popular web and blogging platform in the IT world. Availability of ‘WordPress’ mobile app now allows you performing vital tasks of creating and editing blog posts and then publishing more than ever easy. Story continues and you can even check on analytic data, can moderate the comments and can insert photos/videos from your smartphone library.  This mobile app compatible with self-hosted word press blogs and those hosted on WordPress.com, makes it more feasible to be used anytime and at any place.

  1. Blogger

Name is telling all about this mobile app, as a blogger you can make its best use for composing and publishing the new posts. Moreover, for editing the existing posts, switching in between multiple blog accounts, image embedding after directly taken from the app you must give a try to this app. It won’t disappoint you as Google itself is at its back for providing you with the excellent blogging services.

  1. Google Drive

One of the important factors for any work done or under process is where to store and manage the data involved. Now ‘Google Drive’ app has made this job simple and comfortable necessarily for professionals. Bloggers can stockpile all his important word documents, images, audio/video data and excel sheets etc., in the cloud. This app will not only store data for you but also sync it across multiple devices linked with your Google account as per your command. With this synchronization, you can access your files and work anywhere you want. For instance, you left the work halfway done on your desktop for some reason, now with this app on your smartphone; you can continue your work from other place as well. This is the must have app for bloggers using Google Docs for their different assignments.

  1. Writer

Do you really think getting things done for your blogs from a smartphone is so easy that you will not face any difficulty? Take a breath man, things in life can never be that easy to be swollen without problems. Working on smartphones seems interesting and trouble-free but not all the time especially when you are writing. Reason behind is the continuous flow of many distractions on your mobile screen itself which could be Apps and incoming notifications as well. These could be creativity plus productivity killers but need not to bother much; ‘Writer’ is here to provide you distraction-free writing environment within your smart device so that you can solely focus on creating text content with peace of mind.

  1. Evernote

For creating to-do-lists, saving bookmarks, instant notes saving, ‘Evernote’ is an essential to have mobile app for bloggers using Android or iOS smart devices. It’s best suitable for compiling and organizing your notes as well as to write down any spontaneous or impulsive ideas right at the moment of striking your mind. Besides, with this app you can capture images as well, can write the text, can do sketching and in addition, recording an audio clip will also be done. Again you can synchronize it with other devices to make your every time access to data possible.

  1. Photo Editor

‘Photo Editor’ app once installed in your smartphone will assist you can snap pictures on-the-go and then attach them to you blog immediately or later on as you want to do.  Photos on blogs occasionally need touch-ups that when and where it was taken and this is the point where ‘Photo Editor’ steps in. you can make any change to your blog pictures from cropping to resizing and editing as well as adding up texts and effects.

  1. GAnalytics

‘GAnalytics’ is smartphone version of Google Analytics that allows you to get website or blog usage statistics wherever you go. Site metrics including amount of traffic on your site and bounce rates are critical when you make any type of income from your blog(s) and then GAnalytics app will certainly help wherever you go. Now stop worry and travel well as your web traffic performance and site metrics will be in your easy access.

  1. Pixlr

Smartphone with ‘Pixlr’ installed in will be quite powerful tool when it comes about image embedding into your blog posts. This is the best possible way of getting your hand clear of any copyright infringements issues. With Pixlr in your smartphone, you can also do photography yourself for your blog. You can capture images of your own choice and then edit them to get the perfect picture in line with your blog posts. You would never run out of attractive and useful photos for your blog.

  1. Slack

Communication is the key support system in any personal to professional undertakings. Slack mobile app will assist you in this regard through which you can create a messaging system for your team. You can use it for generating specific channels for your blog team members to avoid distractions and keep yourself plus your team focused as well as organized.

     10.  Pocket 

It’s near to impossible for one to read all interrelating information pinging on your social streams and news feeds. Or you are browsing through a site and suddenly come across an insightful article there but not have enough time to read it right away. Then what’s the solution for this problem? ‘Pocket’ mobile app is the modern bookmarking tool that will assist you in saving and tagging your favorite articles so that you can read them later as per your convenience. Bloggers should have this mobile app as they are always in need to good information and technology updates.


  • Numerous other apps are also in the market that you can use on routine basis. Don’t miss any useful smartphone app and make your blogging experience stupendous and bring out state-of-the-art blog posts for your users.

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