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Just when the tech world thought of giving up on BlackBerry, all of a sudden, BlackBerry jumped in from somewhere and introduced the gorgeous ‘BlackBerry Passport’. There has been quite a lot of extra buzz about it and that’s all because of its stupendous design. It’s new, it’s fresh and has blown the Smartphone industry away with a fairly different perspective and a completely new outlook.

It seems as if creativity has died when it comes to designing a Smartphone. Every other Smartphone looks almost the same with typical size and shape. But this fantabulous ‘Passport’ by BlackBerry has introduced the Smartphone industry to a whole new design concept; hence, outshining the typical Smartphones. Design of the BlackBerry Passport is absolutely remarkable and is definitely a treat for all the folks out there who are fed up with the old and typical phones.

As per the reports, working professionals were kept in mind while designing this wonderful ‘Passport’. It is sleek and extremely good looking. It has 4.5″ inch square screen with multi-touch capacity. Apart from this, it has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB along with a 3 GB RAM. It provides with the similar viewing opportunity as any other 5″ inch phone however, users can enjoy a whole lot better viewing experience just because of width of the screen. Moreover, rumors say that the BlackBerry Passport brings with it a unique keyboard which will function as a trackpad.

To make a room for optimal number of characters, the wonderful BlackBerry Passport offers its size to construct it in a way which would make this device an ultimate choice for viewing documents, reading e-books as well as easy surfing through the web. BlackBerry does not come up with a variety of color options and, as expected, that there will be two color options available, black and white; the typical BlackBerry colors. So all the interested folks out there ought to bear with it and prepare their minds beforehand.

The amazing BlackBerry Passport is expected to be released in September. Its whole appearance is extremely tantalizing that, even if you do not have a love affair with BlackBerry, I can assure you just won’t be able to wait for its release and would try to grab it as soon as it hit the stores.