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Social media is today’s biggest need of time or people made it to be their lives integral part. In any case, you can make the best use of different platforms to earn diverse range of objectives. Indeed there are many advantages of social media in setting up your marketing strategy. It’s all useful to bring into play social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook etc.

As per Gleanster’s survey, Social media automation rate is growing significantly and more than 80% top companies are using it or thinking to do so. Everything has some benefits, but never overlook for disadvantage if there could be any and carefully execute your marketing plan. In certain cases, it seems good to be time ahead but not always. It may be time saving approach but still think once before going for it so you can avoid potential bumps on the way.

What’s the risk behind?

Let’s look at what makes the scheduling of your social media updates risky. You should be well aware of what you are putting yourself into. It’s not that you should halt on automated social media marketing but you must be vigilant in carrying it out and yes, for the safer side try to be limited in the same.

Here are the key facts, that you should avoid this practice for long time period.

  1. Fails to hit timely information

People want up to the minute and well-timed news of their interest. Though on twitter one can share information faster but its bad impact is that the fresh news becomes older so soon that it gets buried under rapid timelines. You may fail to benefit from whatever went during the time you scheduled for certain news or events. Means you are not providing the audience with what’s in new with you for them. This would be quite a negative perception of you and your business as they may start believing that you have nothing innovative to be furnished. To be top rated in trends, you have to be involved on routine basis.

  1. Accounts seem unreal.

Social media updates automation may lead your account to be seen unreal and just like a robotic entity for which people normally don’t bother to give attention. One of the most sparkling and useful marketing tactics is that to make your media accounts alive. This will only be done when you show up frequently through your posts and show your presence by latest news/information plus proper commenting and answering if any query.

  1. Missing social engagement.

Speaking customers their language is considerably the best way of getting them talking about you for the factual reasons. To get the best out of your social media marketing campaign, don’t ever disengage yourself from important events in real-time. And this may happen when you automate your updates. In fact, you miss the trick of large scaled social engagement which usually results from responding to moments   instantaneously.

How to alleviate these risks?  

With careful planning, monitoring and remaining involved with your social media community will unquestionably benefit you to attain your targeted goals.


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