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Focus on Best Time Allocation to Your Tasks, Then the Best Way.

No matter on which side of the fence you found yourself; either doing extremely good or getting lazy, your boss always needs the best from your end.  And why not, you are getting paid for the same. There are times in our lives when we don’t want to get in line with what others want of us and even what we already know important to be accomplished. This not only happens in personal but professional life as well. In private life it’s Ok if you do so hardly ever but in working arena you may not be able to put tasks off, the result would be devastating. There are deadlines to meet up and in almost every instance your team is waiting for your input to accomplish the project. This attitude of postponing imperative tasks and doing less important ones indicates that you are procrastinating.  If it continues at work place, your career would be at risk and hence you need to overcome it by any means.

What is procrastination?

Professor Clarry Lay considered as one of the authorities on the subject of procrastination defines it as ‘a temporal gap between intended and enacted behavior’. Considering the definition, it’s quite evident that procrastination is more like a psychological attitude than physical predicament. This behavior of procrastination can take over you anytime, no matter how confident you are in your capabilities, how much energetic you could be and your overwhelming self-esteem to achieve targets. In short, procrastination is free of needs for achievement, energy, or self-worth.

Factors Instigating Procrastination:

What triggers procrastination? Lack of interest in anything people are expecting you to execute or just that you are not in mood of doing or having low energy levels. In any such situation people start carrying out things they are most interested in or by any means these can help them in getting away of what actually should be done at that time.

Factors putting you in delay mode usually lie in absence of:

  • Discipline; Lacking it means your priorities are misplaced and not set vigilantly
  • Will; Lacking it means your attention and devotion is lying somewhere else
  • Energy; It’s all about misconduct of your routine work or time transgression when you can have more energy and when it lacks (early morning or later in day)
Overcoming Procrastination:

Beating procrastination at work place is not a rocket science.  All you need is to stay focused, figure out best timings to be allocated for your tasks and also plan carefully for what you have to make done and then getting it done at set time. Nevertheless, this all can only be happened once you recognize that you are procrastinating.


Putting unimportant tasks behind is not always procrastination, it could be work prioritization. Keeping in view, it’s critical to recognize if one is procrastinating or just ranking the things to be performed to do well.  As an IT professional with extensive experience of working in diverse environments with different people, I observed some people even don’t know they are procrastinating. And sometimes, it’s erroneously related to work line up. When one doesn’t know the problem, there is absolutely no question of proper remedial measures to take in. So, before making final judgment and then going into any solutions to beat procrastination in office, its recognition is required. Once problem detected then you can work out how to take it over.

Be honest and keep on self-testing to know when you procrastinate at work place. Enlisted below are some significant indicators helpful to know if you are procrastinating or just tired needing tasks to put off for some time.

  • Your TO DO List is filled with low priority tasks
  • Started a high priority task but went to make cup of tea and rhythm broke.
  • Continually reading emails rather than working on them or keep deciding what to do with them.
  • Waiting for right time or mood to deal with imperative tasks at hand.
  • Filling your time with less important tasks that might by asked by others to do and leaving behind the important ones.
  • The project you toil on for months still not launched.
  • Keep on excusing about non completion of tasks just because you just don’t want to do them.
Strategies to Beat Procrastination Mode

After Understanding the Root Causes of being procrastinated and how your work is getting disturbed, now you need to bring into play the strategies to beat it.

  1. Break down Big task into smaller multiple units to be managed and focused well. With this tactic you can feasibly move on from one to the next part of every assigned task which will then be completed successfully.
  2. Do each task one at a time. With accomplishment of all units of a fragmented task step by step, you will be motivated to pass on the next without losing sight of the final objective. This is the best way to beat procrastination at work place as you can easily manage loads of work if you focus tasks discretely.
  3. Set aside calm time to work on particularly important project task so that you will not be interrupted and can maintain the focus to better outcome. Frequent interruptions at work may lead to attention loss and it may take much time to be back on track. So try to schedule your tasks during quiet time of the day when you are fresh and can think clearly. This is must for a writer in specific. Morning time is best for complex projects demanding analytical thinking and afternoon appears to be good for working on more mundane tasks.
Final Thought:

By incorporating these three simple and easy to go strategies into your routine work, you will be exceptionally capable to put a full stop to procrastination at your work place which may be caused by huge overwhelming projects. Choose to work what you love or start loving what you are into for better and improved output.

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