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Want to make your Android phones simpler and much better than before? Yahoo’s ‘Aviate Launcher‘ is certainly the best choice for you then. Marissa Ann Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo, made first announcement onstage during CES that Yahoo has acquired a startup ‘Aviate’ earlier this year in January. The beta phase was exited officially a couple of days ago.
Aviate Launcher, that replaces your phone’s screen, is a smart and quick home screen app introduced to make your Android phones a lot more easier. Yahoo Aviate starts off with a brand new smooth layout and well structured apps. Not only this, Aviate tries to make your phone smarter by bringing in relevant information, at the right time, all day long.According to Mayer; Your home screen could automatically show you stock quotes at the beginning of the day, instead of forcing you to open a finance app”. No matter whether you are at work, a restaurant or at home; Aviate provides you with information based on whatever work you are doing as well as shows you a whole list of apps in a more accessible way. Thus, making the home screens more personalized.After setting up Aviate on your Android phones, you would be asked to select apps you use the most from your favorite and preferred app category. Basically, this way the whole process becomes much easier as, it tells Aviate that which apps should be included in your home screen and how to arrange other apps. Unlike the home screens of most of the Android phones, this app helps rejuvenating your phone by providing you with a clean, well organized and smooth home screen. It kills the need for tons of unnecessary home screens and presents parallel information in a menu based format; which gives a tidy look and is more proficient. Moreover, Aviate upholds a tedious yet very vibrant design lingo.
This whole new transformation is absolutely a sigh of relief and a way to get rid of the typical clustered interface on every other Android phone.