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With the presentation of new iPads and iMac, Apple also announced that iOS 8.1 will be launched soon. iOS 8 problems noticed so far has been tried to wiped out in this latest version.  Bugs fixing is perhaps the key reason for such a prompt revision of iOS 8. Let’s hope Apple Inc., is up to the job with the said changes and modifications to be included in iOS 8.1 update.

Not only this, Apple iOS 8.1 is going to bring remarkable and amazing features to make its users life more awesome and comfortable. Let’s check into these features, how they can be the best to be used in daily routine.

 Instant Hotspot

Continuity feature like Instant Hotspot is an excellent stuff that will aid your Mac in remote using of personal hotspot functionality from your iPad/iPhone. As soon as you will be updated to iOS 8.1, Instant HotSpot will get enabled. With this feature of your iPhone, you can connect your Mac/iPad to it when available in the close proximity of each other. It actually allows the users to switch in between Mac, iPhone, iPad or to utilize them all together.

Apple Pay

Compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, this pretty awesome feature is also useable with Apple Watch. It works in collaboration with NFC and what the companies describe as ‘Secure Element’. As name implies, it’s for mobile payments means you can pay for the stuff purchased online through your iOS 8.1 devices. Initially, Apple decides to launch it in United States only but it will perceptibly push the market into mobile swift payments.  With the release of iOS 8.1, Apple will replace the traditional credit & debit cards with magnetic stripes and will surely leave a lasting impact on mobile transactions.

SMS Relay

Earlier with the launch of OS X Mountain Lion in 2012, instant messaging software app was also released for sending messages to Macs, iPads & iPhones compatible with iMessage. Standard SMS are with green backgrounds while Apple differentiates the iMessages with blue backgrounds. Keeping the trend followed, ‘SMS Relay’ is quite an appealing continuity feature awaited with iOS 8.1. With this feature, Apple users can send and receive MMS/SMS texts from their Mac running Yosemite as well as the iPads and iPod touches.

iCloud Photo Library

Available with iOS 8.1, this feature will allow you to save the videos and photos to your iCloud account. To save your iOS devices storage space, your photos will be stored in smaller version.  You can access your iCloud Photo Library either through iCloud website or the iPhone/iPad. When synchronized with Mac, you can easily view the data stored in iCloud Photo Library from your computer.

Camera Roll

Camera Roll was replaced by ‘Recently Added’ feature in iOS 8. It includes a month old videos & photos. However, the negative response from users has forced the Apple Inc., to bring back the Camera Roll with iOS 8.1.


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