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While Android enjoys the highest market share so far, Apple does not seem much apprehensive and continues to stand tall in the competition adamantly. Just recently, Apple released another update of its iOS 8 version and soon after that Android hit the market with Lollipop. The latest OS versions of Android and Apple seem quite capable to upsurge their users base and bring along many new promising features as well. Both the giants are fighting the biggest OS battle with much vigor and robustness. Let us take a look at the features of both operating systems and see what they hold for their users:

Visual Display And Design:

No matter what the iOS holds in terms of features, the visuals continue to be the major reason why a user stays glued to the gadget and gets Nomo phobias. While iOS might seem to give the impression of most premium visual display due to the Apple gadgets being expensive but Android stays nowhere behind as well. Apple keeps the same glass look while Android makes the screen quite irresistible by bringing new Material design that brings along animations and real time generated shadows.

Keyboard And Functionality:

Despite the fact that Apple maintains the classy and simple look of its keyboard and choses gray and black, Android choses to incorporate colorful look for its keyboard with many input languages and other features.  With iOS 8.1, you can choose to use a third party keyboard from the App Store. Android has made multi-tasking quite effortless and speedy. It incorporates simple interface which helps to easily switch between your music player and maps. Moreover, you can now manage your notifications even with a lock screen. In iOS 8.1, Spotlight search has been improved letting the user search everything speedily from App Store to iTunes.

Photo Gallery:

Although the camera in Android Lollipop version comes with built-in modes such as Lens Blur, Photo Sphere, Panorama and HDR it still lacks advanced control options due to the simplistic approach they have adopted. It usually takes a bit of time to get hold of it. Photos in the Android 5.0 are accessed through Photo application that is connected to Google’s ecosystem and services.  The best thing about this is that your high resolution images are backed up on Google’s servers. The iOS 8.1 comes with bug fixes for Bluetooth and also offers iCloud Photo Library that lets you access your photos through all iOS devices through iCloud account. Furthermore, camera in iOS 8.1 is more user-friendly and simple to use.

Voice Command And Search:

The voice command in Lollipop version works even with the locked screen or in the standby mode. Likewise, Siri, in iOS 8.1 is responsible for responding to voice commands but works only when the Siri interface is open or the device is on charge. In Android, the search bar occupies a permanent space at the top so that the user can search anything speedily and without any effort. While swiping down in iOS version lets you access Spotlight search and search for anything.


While iOS offers some exclusive features to shopaholics such as Apple Pay which lets you make secure mobile payment through NFC. It further introduces a program termed as Continuity that lets you continue working from where you left at your device using another Apple device. In Android, Job scheduling API’s allow Android Lollipop users to optimize their battery life. Both the OS versions look quite auspicious but only time will tell whether Lollipop gets more appreciation or iOS 8.1. Let’s leave it to the users and their priorities and see what OS suits them the best.

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