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Everyone has a mobile phone in their pockets. Some ring loudly, some vibrate discreetly, but they all have the same purpose; connecting people with the world and everything it has to offer. The advancement in technology has allowed these devices to transcend their original calling and texting functionality into running a range of applications that serve nearly every imaginable purpose.

Now, you don’t have to call to order a pizza; you can just get it done through a mobile app.  Need directions to the nearest shopping mall, Google Maps app can help you with that. You want to import something from another country; there is a mobile app for that too. Shopping, paying utility bills, even planning diet and tracking healthcare can be done through mobile apps.

Understanding this growing dependence of Saudis on mobile applications, local businesses in the kingdom are developing smartphone applications to bring their products and services closer to their customers. We believe jumping on this bandwagon will definitely be a good idea for you if you are thinking of expanding your business operations in Saudi Arabia. Here are a few reasons to support our claim.

Value to Customers

Reciprocation is the name of the game when you are running a business in Saudi Arabia. You have a product that you need to sell and there are people in the market who need your product. You just need to find these people and make some good profits. So, how can you find all these people?

You can consider the traditional means of marketing and distribute leaflets, stick posters on walls and get advertised in newspapers and magazines. But do you think that a passerby totally engrossed in his smartphone would spare a glance at your poster on the wall? The chances are thin and so are your chances of getting noticed.

People don’t like to do much work, and would always prefer buying from places where they have the least amount of work to do. You know people are already using smartphones, so why not provide them will an application that can increase your interaction with them and allow you to boost sales?

This will also provide your customers with a level of value that they can’t get from anywhere else. A good way of doing this is creating loyalty programs within your app. The more your customers utilize your services and or buy your products, the more points they collect. These points can then be used to get discounts on products your customers already know they want.

App Strengthened Brand

Mobile apps strengthen your brand by providing your consumers a secure means of communication with your business. Interestingly, this works the other way around too and through this, you get to interact regularly with your target market and build trust.

You can use this trust to make sales. You see, the more your target audience trusts you, the more they’ll to listen to you and you know what they say, “The longer you listen the sweeter the pitch.” With an app, you will have an intelligent way of explaining to your users why they should trust you. It’s not marketing the way people know it, but it sure makes people listen to you and make orders.

A mobile app on your customers’ phone that gives them periodic reminders and notifications about your latest products and services is better than any marketing strategy you can think of. If the app is installed on your customer’s phone, it already means that they trust you and need what you offer. You just have to get them what they need and make profits.

Precise Knowledge of Demand

A mobile application can have permissions that can allow business to track the way consumers use their handsets. This can let them know the best time to offer them a particular product or service. The applications can also maintain a record of orders a customer has made over time and this information can be used to deduce market needs and predict future demand.

Better Customer Satisfaction

So, a person hears about your business in the middle of the night and wants to know more about it ASAP. What do they do? If you have a mobile app, all they will have to do is turn on their device and download your app. Your app will have all the information they need and also means of contacting you and making orders. Later, whenever a thought pops into their mind that the time is ripe to buy your product, they can do it immediately through your app. There won’t be any need for logging on to a particular website and finding a product, adding it to cart and entering credit card information for the final check out.

These things make everything easy for your customers and boost customer satisfaction. Remember a satisfied customer always returns with friends and this means more sales for you.

Location Independent Business

If you have a comprehensive mobile app supplementing your brand, your business actually becomes location independent. Being location independent allows your employees and customers to stay in touch with you even if they are in another country or very far away from your business location.  Interestingly, this can be done through websites too, so what is the benefit of a mobile app here? A mobile app further allows you to offer your products and services to remote areas too. A customer can contact you through email if he needs something from you. You will have to reply back with a detailed product list and then the customer will inform you about his order. This takes a lot of time. A mobile app can allow your customer to view your products straightaway and make an order without even opening a web browser. If you are a service providing company, let’s say a construction company, a mobile app can allow you to monitor contractors at a construction site from hundreds of miles away.

Businesses perform better with mobile apps and if you are running a business in Saudi Arabia, having a mobile application becomes really important for you. These were five ways Mobile apps can help businesses in Saudi Arabia grow. If you want to make a customized, user-friendly mobile application for your business, you can always contact us here. Our technology teams will be more than happy to help you in expanding your business.

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