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Games test your cleverness and mental response rate. If you aspire to test your psychological or logical intelligence, try some puzzles that may do it for you. Such gaming apps help people solve some serious mathematical and logistical problems, which in return, sharpen their problem-solving ability. Of course these benefits are accompanied by a fabulous experience.

Around 72% American adults play games where 46% of those use a mobile device, to enjoy the experience. From the business perspective, games are contributing a handsome chunk to the developers and economy. Just in 2013, developers’ revenue from games stood at $24 billion that is more than movie sales ($10 billion). In the year 2014, the revenue expectations are even higher.

When looking down on mobile apps, particularly in gaming category, one finds some big and popular names; however, not every game is made for you. In the following, we are sharing 5 puzzle games for iOS and Android that may not be that popular but are interesting, for sure.

Block x 3: (iOS / Android)

Block x 3 is a modest “tile push” game. Users may have a limited number of moves to line up everything with no lazybones behind. There are over 300 puzzles included, with the game turning more complex with every passing stage. You can download the game (free of cost) for Android as well as iOS devices.

Animal Puzzle Magic Jigsaw: (Android

This is an interesting game for the toddlers. The time track puzzle has been developed for children to learn. Interacting surroundings create an addiction for brainstorming. Game crafts with graphical pages to join correctly as original. What adds fun to the experience is the dodge bananas thrown by the monkey. Completing each level helps jungle’s animal to live in a bound. You can obtain the application for your android smartphones and tablets.

Chip Chain: (iOS)

It’s a casino matched game with combo-riffed challenges. Users are tasked as lining up and by matching same number chips. The game’s deep mechanics make it hard to master, but stylish design makes it easy to pick up Chip. In addition, the animation and beautiful HD Retina graphics make the game more appealing.


Particular game is a light and addictive craft puzzle. It necessitates to line up unify color dots as fast as possible. The limited moves and swift match multiplies bonus score. Power ups awarded for tracing closed loops. There’s also a local multiplayer mode if you want to see how your friends stack up. The challenge module allows players to engage in head-to-head challenges.

Plants vs. Zombies 2:

This is another interesting gaming app for kids and adults. It is an awarding winning app where player has to select characters as per the story. Its aim is to protect the back lawn from hordes of undead zombies. The modified version is upgraded in time to defend against the zombies. The game comprises with a combination of new soundtracks and HD graphics.

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