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Improve your Search Engine Optimization and show up on the search engines with a big boom. Practicing little SEO and low quality content are the two biggest ever hurdle in increasing your website popularity (link popularity/Page Ranking). Focusing either on long term or short term SEO campaigns, content is what matters the most.

With ever evolving SEO trends and Google updates, digital marketing campaigns need to be established with more care. It will not only help to make your content ranking high on searching engines but also support in increasing your website traffic. Major search engines like Google etc., use an algorithm for determining the website ranking. It’s actually the keywords used while creating the site content and link building which affects the web ranks. Criteria may differ for each engine but all of them generally share several unities. Define your content goals carefully prior to executing your campaigns. Make your SEO approach convincing enough through best fitting content helpful in building your audience, driving good traffic and conversions and also generating links and exposure. Use the suggestions mentioned below and make your content ranking high among the competitors.

  1. Create Quality and Original Content:

Originally produced quality content means it’s an error-free text structured well on a modern-looking website. In terms of SEO it’s so important and actually you can control your website ranking with an original and non-plagiarized content. Original content means that each of your website’s pages should contain unique but attractive content to gain the visitors attention. The more they stay at page with smartly written content; chances to enhance the web rank will also be enhanced.  So, make your content innovatively new to gain the audience attention and avoid the following common practices.

  • Using Single-Word Terms
  • Using unpopular terms
  • Using terms that are too specific
  • Using highly competitive terms
  • Using terms that are too broad
  1. Target niche keywords with low competition

Make use of Google Adwords and check out how competitive are the keywords you have chosen for the content before finalizing them. Utilize the keywords which are distinctive but having at least some searches.

  1. Updating the site regularly

Be sure to update your website regularly. Try to add fresh content after a set time span. Normally the searching engines reward the websites which appear to be regularly updated or at least show recent updates and fresh content added.

  1. Incorporation of Images with ALT tags

Placing the best suitable images on your site with Alternate tags on them is an imperative idea to make your website more visible on search engines. ALT tags on images are actually the brief description of what’s in the picture. This will certainly help to boost your rankings with searching engines.

  1. Use Google Trends. 

Ever evolving Google trends will tell you how searches are getting changed by passing time. Accordingly you can predict when you should switch to some different keywords and when your page needs to be updated resulting in better rakings.


Putting it all together, key factor which is tricky as well is to find the search keywords/terms highly relevant to what you are offering and popular enough that they will generate a good traffic to your website but not too much competitive that its becomes difficult to be ranked well.


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