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Advantages of email marketing


If 61 % of internet users check social media, 94 % of them check their emails. Social media has not been able to take the place of email marketing despite the dazzling images and attention grabbing and arresting content on social media pages and email marketing continues to stay the most significant online medium to generate sales. Let us take a look at the reasons why email marketing is still workable despite the advent of social media and why social media lags far behind when it comes to driving sales:

Focused Customers Are Targeted Via Email:

When it comes to email marketing, you know that your message is sent to only those specific people who choose to subscribe to email alerts and hence allow you to send them notification emails so there are more chances of them turning to customers and being propelled to buy your product/service as they are more eager to buy your service/product. Moreover, targeting customers via social networks is a less appreciated idea as no one comes there with purchase intent. Instead people use social networks for uploading selfies and liking posts.

Clear And Direct Message Is Sent:

Emails have this lead over social media networks that unlike posts, they contain specific message for the customers. The message clearly informs them about the offering instead of indirect posts on social media pages to convince users to buy a product. Moreover, there are no character limits in email messages unlike character limits imposed by social networks like twitter has a character limit of 140 characters and the information has to be precise and to the point via social media posts.

Email Is Read Without Distractions:

As when you receive an email and you choose to read it, there are no distractions on your screen and the message has more power to push you to buy the service or a product unlike on social media where you usually read the post while scrolling down and you usually don’t stop to read the entire message in the post unless the post is extremely eye-catching. But usually these unlimited posts by different pages on your news feed cause overload of information on social media with no retention of information at the end of the day.

The Message Might Not Make Way To Their News feed:

Usually people either like so many Facebook pages or log in to their account less frequently. These scenarios make the chances of the post to be read very less and the post usually goes unnoticed by the reader on social networks. But once an email has been sent, you know that it made way to your potential customer’s inbox and even if the email is not read, the subject of the email is surely noticed.

Most Appropriate Form Of Business Communication:

Email is still the most appropriate and serious form of business communication and is always taken earnestly. Social media posts cannot have such an impact on people. Social media messages are usually expected to be funny or amusing and hence they usually lack credibility. But emails are trust worthy and more credible. Therefore, emails despite their dull and boring reputation still manage to convince customers much more than social media.

  • With the advent of smartphones, people have started reading their emails more and emails have become a more useful marketing medium for marketers now. Therefore, marketers can never deny the effectiveness of email marketing and emails will continue to serve as the most popular and effective way of reaching out to customers. Moreover there are 3 times more email accounts online than Facebook and twitter accounts combined. So, email marketing makes more sense than social media marketing.