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Isn’t it enough to have user friendly website to promote the business? This is quite a frequently asked question by people new in business promotion through websites.  For all those, who are of the same view answer is ‘Certainly not’ because your website should be incorporated with the search engine standards aiming the best user performance possible.

To make your online presence successful, bring into play carefully planned SEO strategy right from the beginning of website designing and development. Visually stunning website will not fulfill the purpose of marketing your business. No matter what method you prefer for website building, there are many techniques that can be used to ensure your site designing and content meeting up the conventions of search engines. While creating an SEO friendly website, keep in mind the below listed suggestions and get the best output.

  • SEO friendly URL structure:

Search engines use automated processes called spiders to index websites. So, if your URL structure is SEO responsive, your content will surely make sense to these spiders. Try not to leave your URL generation on default settings as it will make little sense and spiders may not understand what actually the content is all about. Making your URL structure SEO friendly means it should be meaningful to searching engines. For instance; the better URL is www.abc.com/SEO-freindly-websites is making more sense (static and more user-friendly) than www.abc.com/p=7845361 (by default generation of URL by WordPress which is dynamic and quite unfavorable for both users and search engines). Well, you can also make WordPress to generate friendly URLs in place of dynamic ones under available ‘Settings’ and then ‘Permalinks’.

  • Optimize Quality Images

Text or images, none should be overdone. While concentrating on quality SEO content, don’t forget to optimize the quality images as well. Search engines like Google give considerable attention to quality images when defining the search engine positions. Few tips for acquiring the best results:

  • Keep your file sizes reasonably workable (normally small) that favors the site’s loading time and make it more optimal for visitors.
  • Don’t forget the significance of alternative (alt) text as it allows you to include a keyword in image’s description. This will help the spiders to determine the content of images.
  • Images should be relevant to the surrounding content.


  • Avoid Frames on the page:

Frames may contribute a lot in designing the website of your choice but try to avoid it. This is because of the fact that search engine spiders generally find it difficult to index the site having frames. This is far better approach in web designing with the key purpose of boosting SEO potential of your website.


  • Effective keywords 

Incorporate keywords naturally but not excessively. Quality keywords play fundamental role in search processes and will surely improve your site’s SEO potential. Matter of point is that information retrieval science including the web-based search engines such as Google is based on useful and unique keywords. To improve the connection between your web design and SEO, include the targeted keywords in the following areas:

  • URL
  • Page titles
  • Sub titles
  • Image filenames and “alt” text

 Integrate social media  

Search engines now give great importance to the authority of websites on social media like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook etc. Add social media buttons to your pages and posts convincing the readers to share the content they like on your website.


  • Undoubtedly, it’s true that your website must be designed and developed in a way to be more pleasant and attractive for the visitors. Your website should be SEO friendly as well or else, you would be shown nowhere on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. However, to target potential buyers for your products/services it should have good visibility on search engines.


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