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High-tech smartphones contained with domineering software is what anyone would love to have. Apple knows the fact and always come up with something really striking and innovative. Newly launched iPhone 6 is one of the kinds which Apple fans are finding hard to stray away for much longer time. Its refined software with some new features has brought more flexibility in the smartphones arena. Predicting future is near to impossible but hopefully this smartphone will be a good lift for Apple.

Story goes on and you can get the best out of iPhone 6 by downloading significant apps of your choice. This will certainly make your life more comfortable. The ever-growing App Store now contains quite exciting and useful iPhone 6 apps. Its bit hard to cut through all the apps clutter, nonetheless dig a little and you will surely get the best as per your desire. We have extracted some of our favorite mobile apps down to just 5 must-haves you may not be using. Download now and make your iPhone 6 ever expedient.

  1. Kindle

Compatible with iOS 7.0 and later, this app makes its users capable of reading books, magazines, newspaper etc. Kindle for iOS remains the best reading app and this will assuredly make your e-books reading experience on your iPhone 6 considerably pleasant. Now even you can copy and paste text from e-books.

  1. Islamic Fact Resource

With the collection 500+ incredible Islamic facts, this app introduced by Darussalam Publishers & Distributors is helpful in improving your Islamic knowledge. You will be get known to quite fascinating facts about Islamic world and history. Remarkable navigation feature plus quick sharing facility has enabled this Islamic App exclusive enough to be part of your iPhone gadget. Click here and get it for free.

  1. Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite

Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite constitutes of five sections; Digital Essentials, Digital Toolbox, Digital Marketing, Branding Online and Managing, Measuring & Money Making online. This is one of the best and beneficial reference apps for digital marketing. This app actually provides answers to the top 100 digital marketing queries.

  1.  Evernote

Its today’s best Project File Sharing mobile app which is actually a notebook with a difference that you can capture notes instantly and can synchronize with variety of devices. Quite a handy tool to keep your ‘To Do’ list in hand and you can feasibly save as well as share the updated versions.

  1. Weather

Living anywhere, weather is the most effective aspect in one’s whole life. Travellers normally need to have Weather+ in there smartphone for their easy move and living in a place. Get in touch with real weather condition videos for free and live your life comfortably.

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