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People are always tempted towards ease and time saving, it’s in human nature. Smartphones jam- packed with all imperatively required applications is the perfect example. User friendly Islamic mobile apps are what can make your life bliss.

Pondering upon Islam enhances one’s faith, brings the believers very close to Allah coupled with developing the capacity of recognizing the true aspects of Islam. Best Islamic tools in the form of mobile apps are now easily downloadable from internet. In quite a short time period, Islamic mobile apps have immensely captured the people attention and hence their popularity is increasing greatly. I found following mobile apps not only motivating but quite beneficial.   

  1. Hajj and Umrah Guide

Going on Hajj or Umrah? You must be in need of getting all important information and best fitting guidelines. ‘Hajj and Umrah Guide’ is quite captivating mobile app with audio and visual support providing precise and accurate learning material about Hajj and Umrah. Ranging from Hajj & Umrah essentials, its types and manasiks to obligatory supplications and prayers, it’s embedded with locations guide maps helpful in performing different rituals in Mecca. Check and download the app here

  1. iQuran Lite

For gaining insight into reality, individuals essentially the Muslims need to ponder upon the Quran. If you are a smart phone user and want to read Holy Quran with translation as per your feasibility, this beautifully designed ‘iQuran Lite’ App is surely for you. It’s one of quite popular Islamic mobile applications, available in Google Play.

  1. Prayer times: Qibla & Azan

If you are travelling or moved to the new place, knowing the accurate prayer timings and Qibla direction seems difficult. Here comes ‘Prayer times: Qibla & Azan’ smart phone app to facilitate you. No matter where are you, this striking app can be downloaded from app stores and you will be remained updated of the prayer times.

  1. Questions on Islam

It’s quite an interesting mobile app and as entitled, it is designed to serve one’s passion for knowledge of Islam. This app covers range of Islamic questions and answers to save your from any misconception, confusion or problem. For this reason, your smart phone should contain this app to assist you anywhere and anytime. Download from Google Play.

  1. Islamic Fact Resource

This remarkable mobile app is actually the largest collection incredible Islamic facts enclosing various categories. With great navigating to gesture swiping features, it’s quick to browse application offering sharing facility to different platforms.  You can download the app from a range of platforms, particularly from Apple Store and Google Play. App details and download links here.