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Digital marketing entails marketing through various forms of electronic media such as, PCs, smart phones, tablets etc. It is often referred to as “online marketing” and involves communications with the stakeholders through e-mail, social media, websites, blogs etc. Listed below are five key elements for digital marketing which, when combined together, can form a strong base for a firms’ marketing.

1) Website:

A website is perhaps the most important tool for digital marketing. A well-maintained and user friendly website can create a lasting impression of your company. Makesure that your website is constantly updated and is a platform for all the current activities of your company. It should contain links to your social media pages and include updated blogs and articles etc. as well

2) Social Media:

With the increasing rate of traffic on social media sites, it is essential for companies to maintain social media pages for their businesses. More importantly, it is not just about updating random statuses or tweets. Social media management requires maintaining a proper image of your brand and providing top level of customer relationship management. Since it is a two way communication process, it can prove to be an excellent way for gathering constructive customer feedback.

3) E-mail Marketing:

It is one of the oldest tools created for online marketing and involves database marketing. One of the major advantages of e-mail marketing is that it is personalized. It allows you to send e-mails to your customers keeping in mind their buying behaviors and other credentials. Designing the right message and analyzing the results for it, is essential for e-mail marketing.

4) Blog:

Blogs are the best way to attract people and to induce viral marketing. You can post it on your website as well as posting it on a high traffic blogging website as a guest post. People always look for new information and the trend of acquiring information through blogs and articles is increasing day by day. Hence, updated blogs regarding your products and/or services can be very useful.

5) Search Engine Optimization:

Another key element for digital marketing is SEO. You can increase your website’s visibility among the search engines by the use of right descriptive terms for page titles, using text navigation links, writing clear and to-the-point webpage text and adding meta tags. SEO can be very helpful as users usually surf through the first few search items that appear in the search results. There are a lot of other elements in digital marketing but the above mentioned are the most helpful and viable. They give best results when used together.