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1. Use Customer Feedback to Create Marketing Material

Whether your customer feedback is about something simple such as the name of your company or something more substantial such as the efficacy of your product or service itself, it’s important to listen to all of it. It’s also important to let customers and potential leads know when you make improvements in your services. This can be as small as announcing it in emails or posting on your website. The customers suggest you the best marketing ways in order to reach a large target audience.

2. Develop a Mobile-specific Campaign

Providing such content in the form of a mobile app allows potential leads to better determine if your product is right for them by letting them visualize themselves working with your software or product. It also lets them do so from their phones, where SMB owners are making more and more of their business choices.

3. Create Original Videos

As a B2B marketer, your videos should be triggered towards individuals who work with a company’s decision-makers and will help influence their decision. This way, when it comes time to change or invest in software, your name is recognizable. Often, brand recognition makes all the difference in lead generation. The originality creates a meaningful impact in selling anything.

4. Personalize your CTA

The brand must be having distinguishing features that make it unique. Not only does a quiz for a CTA create an experience that users can shape to match what they’re looking for, but it also shows the versatility of what you have to offer and your brand’s distinct personality.

5. Engage your Community with Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing can generate more relevant leads for a greater exposure to your business. It results in a large scale engagement of customers. As a result, a wider range of people can be targeted. This is a positive community impact, important for SMB owners, who often need to treat the personal side of the business as equally important to the financial side if they want to survive.

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