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Gaining traffic and increasing visibility in SERPs (search engine results pages) through optimization and advertising is the ultimate goal of every search marketing strategy. Following the latest available trends can bring great advantage in this regard.  Now how to keep up with all the recent SEO trends, when Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird etc., are all over the place. These filters and algorithms have been appeared as making your SEO tasks difficult enough to be carried out. To meet up with everything going on in the world of SEO, you need to remain in the know and be extra vigilant.

It may seems harder but nothing is impossible, so stay tuned to the latest SEO trends and make your search marketing process outclass for acquiring the best possible output. In search marketing history, 2013 has been marked as one of the most eventful years as Google released a stream of updates making traditional SEOs run for cover. Consequently, you need to be well equipped with the below listed key trends.

  1. Content Planning and Management

SEO is getting more content-centric, so you need to plan and manage it well to keep up with the ever evolving search marketing updates. For this you have to think that why people are in quest of something instead of what they are searching for; it’s in line with how Google Hummingbird works and you would be closer enough to get the results of your choice. Now marketers are bound to take content more seriously and it’s all because of Hummingbird update.

Warily plan your content strategy to answer users’ requirements rather than just providing them with the facts.

  1. Stay in Touch with Google Webmaster Tools:

Want to assure if you website is properly optimized to generate potential traffic? Make use of Google Webmaster Tools which also provides you with the series of advantageous resources explaining the best SEO practices. Make your website Google friendly with these tools and eventually Google can understand and represent your website in a better way. These are helpful for website owners and provide them with all important details about their website. This may include searching traffic and queries, keywords you rank for and internal links etc.  In turn, you can probe into your website’s health for potential issues as detected by Google. Understanding the search traffic would also be easy for you and you would also be get known to the fact that how Google crawls your site.

  1. Optimize for Multi-Channels

Don’t forget to improve your search marketing strategy through multiple channels optimizations. Optimizing your website with multi social networking platforms and remaining consistent with keyword phrases will certainly help your products/services marketing efforts. Some of the momentous platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and lot more. Moreover, users can also get trained how to make use of specific phrases you are optimizing for.  On LinkedIn you can join SEO-focused Groups or else, create stream on twitter for fast and real-time news about search marketing updates and trends.

  1. Guest blogging  

Guest blogging was probably the biggest mantra for building links, brand authority, reliability in 2013. SEO professionals as well as the online marketers addressed it as quite a valuable course to get desired benefits. Keeping up with all the advancement in SEO trends, Guest blogging is still considered as an excellent strategy to target the potential audience and your product together with personal leadership plan. However, it should be of high quality and spam free to fulfill the purpose for which a smart marketer is using it.

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