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Playing games in your free time is the best technique for all physical to mental health and its stability. It’s true that despite of sitting alone when upset, it more beneficial to indulge yourself in games you like the most. Associating your time with constructive games would have pretty good effect on your living style, intellectual approach and mind responsive judgment. Psychologically speaking games like puzzles and building blocks etc. can supercharge your mind and also let you know the importance of time and how it should be managed. In turn your thinking capacity will get boosted and so is your decisive power. How about the Android games? Pretty good choice, in fact the best of the best way in this perspective.

Once there was a time when people love to play outdoor games more than indoor ones. However, recent part has shown ever growing interest in games to be played anytime and anywhere. With technology advancement, smartphones, Tabs, I pad etc. are getting handier and this is making people more additive of free games in particular. Mobile game apps are becoming ever trendy that life without them couldn’t be imagined. Kids to aged people are very much fond of smart gadgets with games of their choice installed in.

Though plenty of smartphone games are available in the market for free downloading but those compatible with Android operating systems are more in demand. What’s the reality behind? Android devices to be more specific are quite cost effective and hence covering the huge market shares. Some of the amazing games for android are listed below; download from Google Play Store and start your enjoyment.

1. Right Tap-Touch the Square

Getting bored in your free time? Don’t be and try this challenging game-Right Tap-Touch the Square. It’s simple but logical android game designed to assess your mind reflexes and by touching the tiles it will also help you testing your speed, agility and accuracy of picking the touchable areas. This game is so engaging with benefits of training your brain and responses. Follow the rules and supercharge your mind performance by tapping and touching the squares.

2. Trivia Crack

Want to test your knowledge in different domains? Trivia Crack is the best as its game of strategy covering six areas including Science, Art, Geography, Sports, Entertainment and History wherein you can challenge your friends to know who is more knowledgeable. The best ever brainstorming and knowledge boosting game I ever found and enjoyed greatly to play. Willy the Wheel spinning will decide category for you containing thousands of questions. It’s a top ranking trivia game in USA and Canada; downloadable in seven languages for users ease.

3. Can You Escape

This game is not much tricky and your kid would love to play it. Oh, it doesn’t mean it’s not for adults; they can also enjoy escaping the rooms. Moreover, puzzle solving and locating the hidden objects will make your mind more prolific.

4. Tap and Hit the Pot

Enjoy the smashing and fabulous experience with Tap and Hit the Pot-an appealing game for android users. Its name is describing all about how to play and earn scores. It’s better to hit and shoot pots rather than people. I always take this game when got angry and consider pots the real people and in few minutes all my rage drains away. For me it’s the best anger controlling game after angry birds. Time is limited and here comes your capability of managing it and making the best of its use. It’s the real time fun of testing your capacity to execute things in fixed time span. Stress level adjustment can be done by thrashing the pots. Listening to big bang is in itself a joy especially for children.

5. QuizUp

Making the most exciting and real time trivia matches and questions discussion is key aim to launch this game wherein players can test their knowledge in any selected category ranging from current pop culture to elusive scientific facts and whatever is in between them. QuizUp is one of the top ranked Trivia games on Google Play in 14 countries and about 25 million players from all across the world are connected to it to improve their gen proficiency. By challenging and comparing the gained score with your friends or any other player, will assist you in refining your specialties along with interesting and new facts learning.

6. Unblock Me FREE

After 5 years since introduced, this game with 14500 puzzles (the highest ever number in any game till now) is still an addictive puzzle android game. It seems easy to replace red block and arranging all others in minimum time span, however, its needs you to be watchful and mind concentrated for the best scores. Two game modes will make it more challenging for the player. Puzzles games like ‘Unblock Me FREE’ are very much helpful in training your brain. Moreover, it can keep your kids mentally fit and this is the reason, it’s been used in many schools to improve students’ performance.

7. Candy Crush Saga

At start, it appears to be simple game but addicted people knows how it gets complex that can keep you busy for hours. Even addicted people if got stuck at some stage, they often dreams of how to match colors and to make the matched candies disappeared from the grid.  It’s a good mind excessing game making you to take quick judgment and decision on how to get the desired results for moving up to next level. Download this sweet and attractive puzzling game and have competition with your friends to know who’s smarter in all.

8. Angry Birds Transformers

Wow! Angry birds with hands and legs now. This game is exactly what I need to play when got furious and it takes very short time in taking all my anger away. This is a big hit on the board of mind related games as it deals with logic of elasticity and needs greatly player’s focused concentration. You can take a teammate in events for better performance. Playing this game will help you in enhancing your mind’s judgment capability.  Robotic Angry birds appears to be real life game that helps you learning how to target the goals you want to achieve without getting despair. Download this action-packed, 3D shoot them up adventure full game and make the best use of your free time.

9. Word Search

Let’s put your mind to work with Word Search which appears to be like school work but it’s the best game I ever found so entertaining plus educative. From astronomy to chemical elements, historical figures and lot more, this game is matchless to search any word. This compelling game is better option to improve your mind devotion and polishing your brainy attribute.

10. Dessert Mania

Dessert lovers! It’s the game to make your free time more delightful. Customers don’t wait much and it would be your job to well feed the people. Prepare and serve the delicious desserts before time run out and make good money.  Dessert Mania is a simple but interactive fun game that can make your mind fresh as well as more creative. Good to download for your children if you actually want to make them quick and more creative.

11. Subway Surfers

It’s one of the best and record breaking games for android devices. Rushing and dodging the oncoming trains is what ‘Subway Surfers’ is all about in which your mind cleverness is tested. This is the game to make your brain fast enough to deal with different chores. It’s one of the most daring chases that can help you in performing fast whenever needed. It’s quite a fun and engaging game essentially for kids to make them fast thinker and problem solvers.

12. World of Tanks Blitz

Oh yeah it sounds like the game for boys but it’s quite popular among females as well. Girls don’t only like sally’s salon sort of games but they are also fond of playing World of Tanks Blitz. Here you have to rationally beat to get escaped of evil demon apes, monkeys. Saving your life is top priority along with collecting coins and avoiding obstacles like cliffs, or other traps all the way through. With unlocking new levels you will surely find the game more interesting as unique playing arenas and numerous iconic vehicles plus tank classes are its great attributes.

13. Galaxy on Fire 2

Are you Sci-Fi games fan?  Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of the most exciting and wide open android role-playing games. It’s a multi-award-winning space combat plus trading simulation to be played by single player. You can do great deal of trading, ship upgrading and buying the new rides. Enjoy the continuous stream of new adventures with high quality visuals and detailed 3D models.

14. Dots

Let’s give a shot to Dots-A Game about Connecting. Playdots, Inc. made this beautiful and addictive hit which CNN described as a deceptively simple game.  It’s an adorable fun to play this game and I always play it to get related because of its ever soothing and tranquil music and sounds. You would also like it after whole day tiresome to relax your mind.

15. Logo Quiz

By name it appears to be some questionnaire type game and it is indeed.  Logo Quiz is all about guessing the brands with the help of hints provided. Players have to guess to which company a logo belongs and there are hundreds of logos to choose from. This game offers good memory development as you need to remember great deal of different brands logos.

What Android games you admire the most?

These are some of the high rated android games which I tried myself too and found them way to interesting and highly interactive. Make the best of your free time by playing good games for keeping your observance, thinking and decision making traits more powerful. Android apps and games bring great amusement coupled with educational and brainstorming enrichment.

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