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It’s hard to attract and gather like-minded people and its getting even harder by every passing day. Blogging can lead you in best building of your brand either personal or some business related. Generate blog and keep going with it even if readers’ ratio seems not sound enough. Here are 10 reasons why you should not quit blogging anyway.

  1. Personal Growth:

Blogging about the subject of your interest is best possible with continues learning. It’s the great way to make your personal growth promising. Sometimes you may need to master that particular subject and generating original content will make you smarter with every day passes by. You and your skills will surely improve with each blog post you write down after comprehensive research.

  1. Product Development

Your blog can remarkably serve in product development. It’s done when it turns out to be personal research and development lab where you amazingly engage the clients in problem solving and crowd sources ideas for new products/services.

  1. Search Engines Benefits

From business viewpoint, searching engines needs unique and fresh content and prefers the websites fulfilling this demand. As general norm, websites containing inspiring blogs with variety of content can fetch more audience contrasting to those with no blog.

  1. Content Library

You can develop good volume of content through your blog and this can be leveraged by numerous ways. The most useful means of creating valuable content library include provision of basis for any presentation/speech/book and also by answering the customer queries.

  1. Virtual Sales Calls

Blogging will assist you in reminding your remote customers how your products and services differ from others and will be exceptionally beneficial for them once get hold on. Continuous communication is another key factor in crafting virtual sales calls for your business.

  1. Improved Skills

Blogging is such a valuable and stimulating marketable skill that allows people to know what you actually think. Depending on the kind of blog, the work volume you create therein gives insight into how you communicate with target audience.

  1. Clarity

Blogging helps you in developing and crystalizing your views. This happens when you take clear position on your selected topic and most importantly why you think in that particular way.

  1. Numbers or Impact

Successful blogging is moderately dependent on frequency of posts. However, good and long lasting impact is always better than useless number games. You may have few people reading your blog posts regularly but you can actually bring good change in their life. Keep blogging with actual focus on audience you are touching with your posts.

  1. Prolonged Search Life

Your blog posts keep working for you and your business for infinite time period. Targeting the audience is key factor for any business line up but it’s the blogs that will contribute greatly in making audience capable of finding you. This is only possible because your blog posts will remain searchable month after month.

    10.  Public relations

Unlike social media updates and press releases, blog posts can bring more opportunity of massive reach particularly with combination services and cross posting distributing platforms.


  • Choice is all yours how you want to link with others.

As world is contracted to the level where internet is easily accessible everywhere and at any time. Blogs appear as the simplest way of staying connected to people with standpoints on the same wavelength as yours. Across the globe, you can connect more feasibly with others by sharing your stories, videos and more on your blog. Approaching people showing interest in what you think or deliver would have significant impact on knowledge sharing when they also come up with their inventive thoughts and viewpoints.